Would a werewolf wear a Halloween costume?


Halloween fell on a Wednesday, so Blaise had to work. Which meant no dashing out to the cabin to shift tonight. He and Cady had appeased his werewolf last night. Over and over. But on the night of the full moon? The werewolf would need to be let out.

And on Halloween, of all days. Should he count that as a blessing since a furry man loping about the city might not earn a second glance on such a holiday?

He snickered to himself, then caught a glimpse of Cady through the half-open doorway as she entered the office and dropped her purse on the desk, while juggling two coffees. What was she wearing? His cock instantly hardened. And yet… Really?

Three eager strides took him into the reception room. He studied the black velvet cat’s ears on her head, and then turned her by the shoulders to make a show of checking out the long black tail sprouting from her short black skirt.

“A cat?”

She wiggled her derriere, setting the tail to a bobble. “I’m always a cat on Halloween. Oh.” She preened one of the ears. “Do you have a problem with cats?” She glided a hand up his suit to his tie, where the blue-striped silk wasn’t quite so tight as usual. “Does the big bad wolf fear one little pussycat?”

He grabbed her by the ass. “This wolf is going to show the pussycat just how wild he is.”

“You already have.” A nudge of her thigh against his erection made him hiss in restraint. “Just friends at the office, remember?”

“How long until quitting time?”

“Eight and a half hours.” The purring cat wiggled away from him and cast a wink over her shoulder.

“I’ll never make it,” Blaise muttered.


Chapter 27


Sign her up for the challenge of keeping the man sexually sated! On the night before the full moon, the twosome hooked up at Blaise’s place. After wine, popcorn and only fifteen minutes of the corniest action movie from the ’80s the man could find, they didn’t even make it down the hall into the bedroom before their clothes were stripped away.

As Blaise knelt before Cady and kissed her mons, dragging his tongue in wicked slowness about her aching folds, she pressed a hand to the wall to steady herself. His dark tousled hair and the beard rubbing softly against her thigh reminded of when she’d seen him in the forest as a wolf. Wild.

“Will I ever get to formally meet your werewolf?” she said on a sudden gasp as his tongue found the perfect spot and did not relent in giving her pleasure. “Hold that thought. Oh, yes. Right there…”

An hour later, Blaise shoved the sheets off the bed because they were only getting tangled in them. The man’s penis was exquisite, and she couldn’t get enough of it. Stroking, squeezing, licking, sucking; it was all good. For a few moments, such actions gave her the control over such a powerful man, and she realized that feeling was necessary to alleviate any lingering fears.

The man grasped her hair gently, and came with a shout and a growl. The animal part of him always emerged to have its say when he was at his most vulnerable and yet also most powerful.

When she snuggled beside him and he kissed her on the nose, he said, “You asked about meeting my werewolf. You sure about that?”

“I think so. Maybe?”

“I’ll wait until you’re sure. It could get intense. My werewolf will want to claim you.”


He nodded.

“Okay, not ready for that. Yet. But I trust you, lover. Completely.”

“I’ll make you mine. Someday. I love you, Cady.”

“You do?”

“I think it’s like you knowing you wanted me from the moment of the job interview. I think I’ve always loved you.”

That had been a forthright confession. But something kept Cady from responding in kind.

Her alpha lover


Days later, back at the office, they dove into work, but remembered to close Blaise’s office door when stolen kisses and some between-the-legs groping could not be avoided. It was just the two of them in the office, but clients walked into reception all the time.

“Save it for home,” Blaise muttered even as he kissed Cady silly.

“I agree.” It took all her determination to tug down her skirt and move to the opposite side of the desk. “Full moon in two days.”


“I expect you won’t be waking on a stranger’s lawn wondering what the heck is up?”

“I’m glad I got that knowledge back. No telling what would have happened if someone had seen me shift.”

“You got your wolf back.” She winked at him. “And I got myself an alpha lover.”

“You did.”

Blaise hiked a thigh onto the corner of the desk and ran fingers through his hair. “So this is what happens on the full moon. The day before and after the full moon I’m compelled to shift. But shifting so often is not cool when living in the city. I can either head for the cabin, which isn’t always possible when I have work demands. Or—there is something a werewolf can do to suppress his urge to shift those two days.”

“Does it involve chains?”

He gave her a startled shake of his head. “No. Uh…no? Are you into that stuff, Cady?”

“No. But if you were, I might give it a try.”

He chuckled. “I like sex to feel good, not hurt.”

“Me too. So what do you have to do to keep back your werewolf on those days?”

He leaned in so his lips brushed her earlobe. “I have to have sex until I’m sated.”

It is a short story so…

…sometimes that makes writing a sex scene difficult. Especially when the chapters average 320 words. But you get the idea, right? 😉


Blaise tugged on his pants and left the rest of his clothing beside the door. He wanted to get to Cady before she fell asleep. But he needn’t worry; she stood right inside the doorway, waiting for him.

Without a word, she slid a palm up his bare chest, igniting a sensual shiver through to his bones. She tilted onto her toes to kiss him.

“I’m not that tired,” she whispered against his mouth. “And the fire is so inviting. On the rug, over there.”

He could respect a command when he heard one. Blaise carried Cady over to the rug and laid her down. Kneeling over her, he kissed her until her sensual moans drove him mad with want.

Their clothes were shed with ease. He couldn’t get enough of her skin beneath his mouth and tongue. Her fingers danced down his abs and circled his erection. He growled and then laughed heartily.

“Tonight you’ve managed to tame my wolf and yet all this time you’ve only wanted me to set the wolf free.”

“Yes, but taming is the most dangerous part,” she said with a biting kiss to his jaw. “Show me your wild, Blaise. Take me.”

His kissed her breasts, leisurely teasing each nipple while gliding his fingers down to her wetness. Her heat made him growl hungrily. While in human shape he thought, dreamed and acted as a man. Yet now he felt an animal need to fill her and take her as she demanded.

Cady gasped as he entered her. Hilting himself in her lush heat, Blaise thrust quickly, finding a rhythm that brought both to panting, shouting orgasms within minutes.

And as he settled onto her, resting his head against her pounding heartbeats, he closed his eyes, thankful that she had trusted him, and accepted his wolf.

“We’re just getting started,” she said. “Upstairs on the bed for round two?”

He took her into his arms and made the stairs in four seconds flat.

Chapter 24

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The clearing opened before a stream that smelled fresh and wild. Upon spying the wolf lapping at the water, Cady stood back by an elm tree. The creature lifted its head, scenting the air, then turned to stare directly at her.

At the sight of its gold eyes that glowed with moonlight she swore quietly. But just when she felt the urge to turn and run, something instinctual stayed her. That wolf was Blaise. She’d once read an article about defending oneself against a wolf attack. Always maintain eye contact. If she were serious about wanting a relationship with him, she mustn’t be afraid of the man, even when he was in fur and on four legs.

Keeping eye contact, she crouched and held out her hand. The wolf padded up to her. She did have to remind herself he was just like a big dog, and she shouldn’t be afraid. Muscles tensing, she held her breath as the wolf sniffed her fingers, and then licked her hand.

“It’s me,” she said softly. “You’re such a beautiful wolf.”

Brown-and-gray fur brushed her arm. His tongue lashed out to lick her jaw playfully. She stroked his pelt, amazed at its softness. And Cady laughed as the wolf licked her cheek. All fear dissipated.

“I’m glad you invited me along this weekend. I think you wanted this to happen, yes?” She tilted her head against the tree trunk. “I’m good with all this now. I think. Still not so sure about a formal meeting with your werewolf, but I’ll face that challenge when it occurs.”

She gave the wolf a hug. “I’m heading back to the cabin. It’s been a long day. See you in the morning?”

The wolf followed her back, and when she stood in the doorway near the pile of clothes Blaise had left behind, the wolf pawed the ground once and sounded a quick sharp bark. She took that as him wanting her to go inside. But as she closed the door behind her, she managed a peek outside and saw the man’s bare limbs forming out of fur and claw.

Up North

Yep, Up North is a place in Minnesota. It’s not a town or a county, but rather, the entire upper portion of the state. If you live Up North, you don’t use the term much. But if you live below ‘the line’ then you probably head Up North for the weekend or have a cabin ‘up there’ or somesuch. Check my Pinterest page for a handy-dandy map showing the intricate borders of Up North. 😉


The cabin was Up North and sat on forty acres near Gooseberry Falls State Park, a three-hour drive from the Twin Cities. The forest was thick and the mosquitoes hearty. Blaise had purchased the land a decade ago and it was his sanctuary. He came here most full moons. For privacy, and to let out his wolf.

Despite Cady’s beliefs otherwise, he did let out his wild. When no one was looking. But she had seen him shift twice now. They’d moved beyond boss and employee.

He’d always held back from making the first romantic move with her. Office relationships could never work. Or could they? He wanted to find out. But in the process, a whole new set of rules would have to be established.

Wrapped in a blanket on the couch before the hearth fire, Cady seemed transfixed by the amber flames. It was close to midnight.

“I’m going out for a run,” Blaise said as he opened the door. “There’s an extra bedroom upstairs on the left. I’ll be out for a while.”

“Are you going for a run on two legs or four?”

It was weird knowing someone who knew his secret. But also nice. “Four.”

She nodded and waved as he left.


         The minute the door closed, Cady threw off the blanket, slipped into her ankle boots and wandered out into the night. The moon was a little over half-full and brightened the night. But she didn’t fear a dark forest. Nor even a wolf.

Maybe a little?

Not sure what she was after, she crept down an obvious path littered with crunchy gold and red leaves. When she heard the wolf’s howl, her skin prickled.

“You can do this.” And she walked onward.

Werewolves of Minnesota

Yeah, it’s a thing. I’m sure of it. At least, in my world it is. 😉 Here’s a fast fact/tidbit about my werewolves. They can’t get tattoos. Well, they can, but they usually don’t. Because when they shift, well, it doesn’t screw up the ink too much, but it alters it a little, all those atoms and cells rearranging, don’t you know. So eventually, after hundreds of shifts, that tattoo is not going to look good at all. (Vamps don’t get tats either, but that’s only because they heal so rapidly it is a lesson in futility.)

Now on with the story!


Cady pulled him into a hug and whispered, “Never apologize for saving me.”

Her body shook against his. And his werewolf wanted out again because the vile threat had caused her fear. He’d chased the man off, but had had the sense not to take him down and attack him. Not in the city. He couldn’t risk remaining in werewolf shape for long, so he’d shifted back.

Blaise tucked his head against Cady’s soft, corn silk hair. If anything had happened to her he would have never forgiven himself. But he knew he couldn’t always be there to protect her. The world was a vicious place. His brother was an example of that.

He could be thankful he’d been able to help this time.

“That was risky,” she said, clinging to him.

“I had to do it. My werewolf reacted.”

She pulled back and gazed into his eyes. He knew what she was thinking. Yes, so he’d lost some control. But he was a better man for it. And she was alive because of it.

“Let me walk you to your apartment?”

She nodded and tapped his chest. “I may have a T-shirt you can borrow. You’ve got the abs to pull off this look, but still.”

At her place, Blaise pulled on a well-worn men’s T-shirt, and wasn’t going to question why she had such a thing. Standing before the door to leave, he pulled her into his arms and kissed her.

Holding her felt exquisitely right. Could he allow himself to set aside the control and let out his wild for her? If she’d been frightened by a small dog, he suspected his werewolf had little chance at earning her acceptance.

Yet he couldn’t give up. Not on Cady.

“We’re either going to have to stop doing this,” he said, “or we’ll have to follow through one of these days.”

“I vote for following through.”

That’s what he hoped she’d say. “Do you want to go to my cabin with me this weekend?”

“Is that where you relinquish control?”

“It is. But don’t worry, it’s not the full moon. You won’t have to deal with my werewolf. I promise.”

“Then I’m in.”



“There’s a shortcut to my place down the alley. I got it from here.” Wanting to put some distance between them, Cady rushed away from Blaise.

Because her feelings about the man were so conflicted. Why couldn’t she fall into his arms and make out with him? Or should she avoid intimacy and treat him like the boss he was?

She turned the corner down a dark alleyway. And walked right into a man holding a knife.


         Blaise smelled Cady’s fear before he heard the faint, muffled protest. She hadn’t screamed. Had someone put a hand over her mouth?

He rushed ahead, easily seeing in the darkness as he turned into the alley. Two silhouettes stood fifty feet away from him. One up against the brick wall. The other—a man with a knife holding it at Cady’s chest.

Rage welled in Blaise and the shift tore through him. He had enough sense to only half shift, keeping his lower human form still clothed, but his suit coat, shirt and tie ripped away as his chest expanded and his head, shoulders and chest morphed into werewolf form.

He leaped toward the attacker. The man turned to face him—and dropped the knife.


         The werewolf chased the man down the alley and around the corner. Cady remained glued to the brick wall, her fingers shaking and leg muscles straining to hold her upright. He’d asked for her purse and had pressed the blade against her breast. In that moment she’d felt sure she would die.

Until the werewolf had bounded in for the rescue.

And now she realized Blaise had shifted to werewolf shape in the city.

“Someone could see him. Oh, no. This is not good.”

Adrenaline enabled her to wobble down the alley. She turned the corner and found Blaise, now shifted back to human shape. Hands propped on his knees, he bent over, huffing.

When he looked to her, his eyes changed from gold back to brown. “I’m sorry,” he gasped.


Do you know his secret?

smbossBut does he? That is the question!


“You almost did it that day in the office,” Cady said as they strolled the sidewalk toward her building. It was seven in the evening and many were out speed walking, swiftly passing them by. The sun had set, but streetlights illuminated their path.

“Did what?” Blaise’s hand intermittently brushed hers, but he never quite took hold of it.

“Let the wildness out. When you had me pinned against the wall.”

“I did not have you pinned…” He stepped in front of her, stopping them beneath a leafless maple tree. “You like an aggressive man?”

Cady shrugged. “Depends.” She gripped his tie knot. “This is your choke collar. You know that, right?”

He placed his hand about hers, and the warmth of him sent ridiculous shivers through her and hardened her nipples. She stepped a little closer, looking up into his whiskey-brown eyes.

“You’re right,” he said. “So I like control. But do you really believe you could handle my wild?”

If that wasn’t a challenge she didn’t know what was. Cady stepped even closer—close enough to kiss—when a dog barking near their feet startled her heart up to her throat. The owner tugged away the leashed Chihuahua and apologized.

Unnerved, Cady rubbed a palm along her arm. “Maybe you’re right. Dogs kind of scare me.”

Blaise gripped her by the shoulders and bowed to bring them eye to eye. “I. Am not. A dog. Got that? I am werewolf. We are the original breed, and a proud one at that. And I promise you, Cady, I will never harm you. Can you trust me?”

She nodded, but couldn’t find her voice to agree wholeheartedly.


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Chapter 19


The conversation ended with a kiss at her door, but it would be another four days before they spoke again. Blaise had a security tech conference in Vegas to attend, and while he’d suggested taking Cady along, she’d told him he was good on his own. He’d nodded and had muttered something about giving her some space.

She was actually glad about that. She had scheduled a mini vacation at the same time, so she finally got around to repainting the bedroom. And she stole some time out to jog along the Mississippi riverside trails and admire the fall leaves. And the stack of novels by her bed was reduced by two.

Yet her heart felt half-full. She missed Blaise. And even a Skype chat with her cryptozoologist friend about werewolves, during which he’d warned her about getting too close, couldn’t alter her desire for Blaise.

Or was it curiosity?

“Both,” she said with a sigh as she taped up a Halloween garland in the office.

The boss was due in today, and while she suspected he wasn’t much for decorations, the reception area was her domain and she loved putting out the fun stuff. She pulled out the cardboard silhouettes of a vampire and a werewolf from the pack of decorations she’d bought and considered both.

When the office door swung open the scent of roses preceded a whistling man. He was in a good mood! The lush red roses sported thick, velvety petals.

“For me?”

“I missed you.” He leaned in and kissed her cheek. “Here’s to a new beginning,” he said. “But that…” He eyed the decorations lying on her desk. “Is that some kind of joke?”

“No, sorry.” She shoved the stack and it landed in the garbage can. “I liked the black cat but didn’t know it would have the werewolf in the pack, as well. Stupid decorations.”

“Let’s keep this a judgment-free zone, shall we? Go with the cat. Will you let me walk you home tonight?”

“Of course.”