A Top Pick for THE THIEF!

thethief_hiresI’m so excited for THE THIEF, which is released in April. RTBookReviews really liked it and gave it a Top Pick! This will be available digitally or in paperback format (which you can pre-order now). Here’s the review: 

Hauf’s story is chock-full of non-stop action and excitement as both characters constantly try to escape one another and the bad guys. The action of the story is an equal partner to the romance. Hauf does a particularly nice job with characterization. Xavier is a supremely sexy thief, and his attraction to former thief Josephine is hot. Josephine is quite well-drawn as a strong woman who’s not afraid to go after what she wants. Their mutual attraction rings quite true.

Former jewel thief Josephine Deveraux lives in the French countryside until her past comes to haunt her in the form of an ex-boyfriend who catnaps her pet in order to force her to steal a necklace for him. But when she attempts the steal, she discovers that Xavier Lambert, a thief formerly known as The Fox but who now works for the Elite Crimes Unit, has gotten there before her, and she must steal the necklace from him. Things get even more complicated when the two learn the necklace has the key to releasing a chemical agent in Paris that will kill huge numbers of people, and they must work together to stop that from happening. (KENSINGTON, Apr., 320 pp., $15.00)

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Also, if you’re a reviewer, you can now get an ARC at Netgalley.

Cover Reveal!

wsvvI’ve been working with Tina Folsom over the past few months to write the 5th in her Venice Vampyr series, WICKED SEDUCTION! Had a really great time writing in Tina’s world, and I hope those of you who have read the series will give this one a try. It’s available March 14th, and will be in digital format at most online retailers. Pre-Orders links coming soon!

Venice, Italy – early 1800s

Vampire Marcello Sebastiani has enough on his plate with the city of Venice demanding his birth records to prove ownership of his centuries-old palazzo. The last thing he needs is a headstrong yet delicate Englishwoman bulldozing her way into his life and manipulating his every action. No matter how delectable she may be.

Jane Emery has fled an abusive situation in hopes of pursuing her musical studies, but when she arrives in Italy, she finds that her patron has passed, leaving her desperate and lost. Thankfully, she is able to coerce a handsome yet mysterious stranger into helping her. Only her machinations don’t take into consideration his tantalizing touches that make her forget her plans and dream of a future she shouldn’t.

When Jane’s past catches up to her, Marcello is determined to protect the one thing that has come to mean more to him than his own life. But will he be successful, or will the dark force that seeks Jane have better aim?

Finally, a journal to collect all your story inspiration ideas!

storyinspycoverThis is for writers… Do you keep lists? Like lists of names you might use someday in a story? Lists of conflicts or careers or even genre mashups you want to try? What about bits of overheard conversations you want to fit into a story?
What happens when you try to find those lists? I can never seem to find the right list when I need it. I wanted a little notebook that could compile all the lists into one. Something small I can keep in my purse or tuck next to my laptop, to keep it close. So I made one!
Inside you’ll find blank pages with prompts for lists including: Hero/heroine names, villain names, last names, pets and names, playlists, hobbies, dialogue, opening lines, weapons, words to use, endings, etc. It’s a slim volume, but you make it yours but filling it up!

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breathe-and-go-slow-300x300I truly hope yours are happy. Amidst the bustle and shopping and cooking and wrapping, take a few moments to breathe. And steal a few more moments to read. We all know that’s the best way to escape, right?

Have a Merry One!

What’s after Moon Kissed?

brandingcoveratkSo you may have had opportunity to download a free copy of Moon Kissed. Have you read it? Did you like it? Severo is one of my top-five favorite heroes. When I wrote that story for Nocturne it ended the way I wanted it to, but I often wonder what happens next for my characters. And at the time, I had opportunity to explore that with a short story titled AFTER THE KISS. It’s what happened next for Severo and Bella. You can find it at most online retailers!

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And of course, their family grew. (I know of two sons that Severo has). To learn more about his son Beckett, look for GHOST WOLF.

Michele’s Book List

Ever wish you had a list of all my books? I used to have a handy-dandy downloadable pdf but that’s gotten a bit crowded and I haven’t had a chance to create a new one. So for now, here’s the list!  (Under Paranormal Romance, if they are not part of the Beautiful Creatures world I’ve noted below)


Taming The Hunter (6/17)

The Venetian Vampire (1/17)

The Vampire’s Protector

Her Werewolf Hero

Captivating The Witch

Enchanted By The Wolf

The Vampire’s Fall

Moonlight & Diamonds

Ghost Wolf

Beyond The Moon

The Vampire Hunter

Beautiful Danger

This Wicked Magic

Forever Werewolf

The Werewolf’s Wife

Ashes of Angels


Angel Slayer

Moon Kissed (read After The Kiss following this)

The Highwayman

The Devil To Pay

His Forgotten Forever

Kiss Me Deadly

Familiar Stranger (this is NOT set in my Beautiful Creatures world)

From The Dark

Forever Vampire

Seducing The Vampire

Her Vampire Husband (read Moonspun after this)

Follow The Night

Wicked Angels (read Dark Rapture before this)

Dark Rapture



Hark The Herald Angel Falls

The Boss’s Moonlight Secret

The Dark’s Mistress

This Soul Magic


Claiming The Wolf

The Reaper’s Heart (not Beautiful Creatures)


Moonspun (read after Her Vampire Husband)

Night of the Living Wed (not Beautiful Creatures)

Monsters Don’t Do Christmas

The Sin Eater’s Promise

Playing With Fire

This Glamorous Evil

Cruel Enchantment

The Ninja Vampire’s Girl

Halo Hunter

Vampire’s Tango

After The Kiss (read after Moon Kissed)

Racing The Moon

Dust Me, Baby, One More Time (not Beautiful Creatures)

A Kiss of Frost








The Forger (8/17)

The Thief (4/17)

Once A Thief


Getaway Girl

In The Event of My Death

Maxwell’s Smile

The Geek Gets The Girl



The Unforgiven: Athos

Follow The Night (Beautiful Creatures)

My Lady Madness

Here Is My Heart

Tame Me Not

Betray Me Not

Enchant Me Not


ROGUE ANGEL series (Alex Archer pseudonym)

Swordsman’s Legacy

The Bone Conjurer

The Other Crowd

The Matador’s Crown

Blood Cursed

The Devil’s Chord


EROTICA written as Michele Renae

The Paris Secrets Trilogy, which includes:




The final chapter

Do you make it here? Did you stop in daily to read a chapter or did you use the Book Breaks app to read it all at once? Either way, I hope you enjoyed Blaise and Cady’s story. They are a part of my Beautiful Creatures world. And if this is the first time you’ve read something by me stop in tomorrow for a complete list of all my book titles. (You won’t run out of reading material, I promise!)

Read the final chapter below and then check out the sneak peek of the cover for my next release (late November). RACING THE MOON is a re-release, but since so many readers are just discovering me it could be new to you!


Blaise put up a hand as Cady started to follow him to the edge of the forest. She paused. A cool fall breeze shivered through her light T-shirt and made her skin a conductor for every sensation of lust and desire, but mostly apprehension.

He was methodical in taking off his shirt and pants and folding them. She supposed he must ruin a lot of clothing if the shift came on him suddenly. Like when he hadn’t remembered what he really was. And now that he did remember? It must be such a relief to him.

Good thing she had a talent for sewing. She foresaw brushing up on her seamstress skills in the future.

She’d seen Blaise shift a few times now, and marveled that in that short time she’d come to accept the man—werewolf. She had. Mostly?

“Slow,” she whispered. “I do love him. Always have.”

But knowing what she now knew added a new dimension to her emotions that had to be tendered carefully. And, she needed to stand before his werewolf and look into his eyes and…accept.

So when his body transformed, and fur grew over his bulging muscles and his head took on the shape of a wolf, she shivered at the incredible realization that something she’d always thought fiction was real. And then she couldn’t stop herself from walking forward, to meet the hand—paw—the werewolf held out to her.

He smelled like fur and field and wild. His maw revealed brilliant, sharp teeth and his ears rotated as she stepped up. Black leathery nostrils flared to take her in. The werewolf then thrust back its shoulders and howled, long and loud. The sound carried through the forest and was answered by what she suspected could be a natural wolf. Then he dropped to one knee before her and nuzzled his nose and face aside her thigh.

Cady combed her fingers over his fur and even dared to brush them over his ear. So soft. Yet the beast was strong and powerful, and she decided he could rip a man apart with but a tug.

“I’m not afraid of you,” she said. “I love you, Blaise.”

The werewolf stood, drawing its nose along her side until it touched her hair. It wasn’t a sexual touch. He was just familiarizing himself with her while in his shifted shape. Gold eyes were rimmed with brown stars. So much empathy in his gaze. There lived a man behind those eyes.

A man she loved.

“Go,” she said. “Run and howl at the moon. You’ve given me your wild. Now take it for yourself.”

The wolf loped off into the forest. She stood there until it howled again. Cady fancied he’d just called her name…in wolf.


Now here’s a sneak-peek at the cover for RACING THE MOON!


Werewolf month!

So how’d you like Werewolf Month, eh? I hope you took advantage of all the free wolves I have to offer. Keep reading the daily story below. And then be sure to check out Harlequin’s offer when you sign up for their newsletter you can download a free copy of HER WEREWOLF HERO (or any of the 17 titles they offer). As well, when you sign up for my newsletter you get a free download of MOON KISSED. Whew! That’s a lot of wolves. But I’m not done with wolves this year. More on that tomorrow. 😉


Blaise paced the living room before the couch. Cady lingered in the kitchen after the supper dishes had been washed and put away. Was she organizing the fridge?

No, she was avoiding him. He knew it as he knew the shift beckoned to him even as he fought it.

Damn it, he wanted her to accept him, and to not feel forced into anything. Like having a romance with an animal. Cady was strong and proud. So sexy. And yes, she probably was the wife he didn’t know he needed.

He did need her. He wanted her.

“So are you going out soon?”

He spun to spy her fiddling with the ends of her hair. Reluctant. Not so strong and proud.

Blaise dropped to his knees before her and kissed her hands. “Tell me that you can love me,” he said. “I need you, Cady. As more than a glorified secretary. I need you here.” He slapped a palm over his heart. “But you don’t want that, do you?”

“I do,” she said with surprise. “Oh, Blaise, stand up and hold me. Be my big strong lover.”

“With a tail and moonlight howls?”

She bowed her forehead to his and nodded. “I was avoiding you just now. But only because my thoughts have been conflicted lately. ‘Does he really love me?’ ‘Can I love him?’ And you know what?” She straightened and directed him to stand before her. “I’m in love with a werewolf.”

“You don’t have to say that because you think it’s what I want to hear.”

“I’m not. I’m in this for all the full moons to come. Think you can handle that, boss man?”

“I thought you wanted us to take it slow?”

“We will. But making slow love is the best.”

He kissed her. “I agree.”

“Are you cool with us…?”


He did make it. Just barely. Blaise walked Cady down the sidewalk to his car, passing troops of costumed children along the way. The adults were out and about in all kinds of costumes and levels of drunkenness, as well, Some had started to get into the party mode early.

He just wanted to get Cady home and then tug off that tail and… He’d let her keep the ears on. The idea of it rocketed up his horniness.

He opened the car door for her just as a trio of sexy Elvira vampires haunted by. Behind them, a mangy-looking werewolf leaped and sent the vamps fleeing in a fit of giggles.

Blaise felt Cady’s hand tense in his. She didn’t get in the car, but instead stood there staring at the silliness with the most frightened look.

He could smell her salty fear. Damn. He’d made a mistake. She couldn’t handle this. What had he been thinking?

“Oh.” She startled out of the stare. “Uh…right. Your place.” She tugged off the cat ears.

“Cady.” He clasped both her hands gently. “Are you cool with us or not?”

“I, uh…”

“That pause tells me you are not.”

She sighed and tilted onto her toes to kiss him. “We’re taking a big step tonight. I need you to go slow with me.”

“We don’t have to do this.”

“Yes, we do. I’ve already seen you shift. And I admire you.”

“Nothing will happen that you don’t agree to. I promise.”

“You’re such a honorable man,” she whispered. “Do you know I’ve always considered myself the wife you didn’t realize you needed?”

“Uh, I’m not sure what to say to that.”
“I wasn’t implying anything. Just that…” She kissed him softly. “I like taking care of you, and I want this relationship to work.”
“So do I. Love you.”

He kissed her, but realized she hadn’t replied that she loved him. Hell, was he doing the wrong thing with her?