Now available is: THE VAMPIRE’S FALL is Blade Saint-Pierre’s story. (He is Stryke’s older brother and Kai and Rissa’s son). Set in Tangle Lake, MN, Blade encounters a beautiful stranger who has lost her memory, and he has no choice but to defend her from demon attackers. Who—or what—is she?


MOONLIGHT & DIAMONDS, Stryke Saint-Pierre’s story. (He is Malakai and Rissa’s son and Blu and Creed’s grandson.)

THE UNFORGIVEN: ATHOS is also available! This is a digital-only full-length historical. If you like musketeers you won’t want to miss my version of Athos’ story!  Watch for it to be on sale for only .99 cents through mid-May!

Musketeer Arnaud de Sillègue d’Athos is ready to bid adieu to the King’s Guard and to lay down his sword. Yet he’s been charged with one final mission—to apprehend a dangerous enemy of the king, the Belle Dame Sans Merci. Despite his desire to apprehend a woman who causes such destruction, Athos refuses…until he sees a sketch of her. It’s the same villainess with whom he had been locked in a passionate, sensual moment.
Emmanuelle Vazet never gives up control, even if briefly. In the arms of a blue­-eyed stranger, she felt the need to give in and let desire take over. But now circumstances have placed her at the scene of a murder. Her reputation—and the ridiculous name—has preceded her, even if she is innocent. Now her nameless lover is the enemy. A royalist. A musketeer who could be her undoing…unless she becomes his undoing first.
ENCHANTED BY THE WOLF will be out in October 2015. Setting: Werewolves and faeries in Paris
Edamite Thrash’s story, CAPTIVATING THE WITCH, will be out some time in 2016. Setting: Demons and witches in Paris
Now I’m working on a story tentatively titled LONE WOLF RETRIEVER (setting: Werewolves in Minnesota). After that one it’s Dante and Kyler’s story (UNTITLED, setting: vampires in Venice).
Then it’s Summer and Nicolo’s story (UNTITLED, vampires), with 2 more Nocturnes to follow those.



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