Available December: From Michele Renae.



In this heartwarming debut for Harlequin Romance by Michele Renae, there’s a second chance up for grabs, but only if they’re brave enough to take it…

Who said happy-ever-afters…

…only happen once?

Down on her luck, widow Viviane is ready to start over. Refurbishing a beautiful Parisian orangery is the perfect way to get her career flourishing again. But the new owner, brooding billionaire Rezin, has different ideas! Having lost his wife and memory in a tragic accident, he struggles to let anyone in. As they grow closer, Viv realizes she must teach Rez that sometimes you have to let go in order to be found again…

And watch for THE CEO AND THE SINGLE DAD in March 2023, also by Michele Renae

Also note that the title and cover has changed for The Chocoholic’s Guide To Getting It On. It is now titled: LUST AND CHOCOLATE.


4 thoughts on “New/Upcoming

  1. Am trying to determine if you have a book # 3 in the works for Minnesota& the Cash Brothers. Just finished Storm Warning & Witness in the Woods.


    • I do not have that story in the works at the moment. Intrigue did not buy the third book, so it’s on hold. I do want to write that brother’s story, but not sure when it will happen. ;-(


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