Available May 5th! From Michele Hauf writing as Michele Renae.


Food journalist and chocoholic, Melanie Peters, lands a plum assignment for the top-rated Sexology website: Uncover what makes Sommer Chocolates so lust-worthy. Determined to get her hands on the coveted bonbons despite a year-long waitlist, she camps out on the doorstep of the world-famous chocolatier whose creations are reportedly “better than sex.” Melanie has never been satisfied by a man—but chocolate never lets her down.

Maksim von Sommer has recently gone from international playboy to castle-bound recluse. He’s fending off loan sharks, and licking his wounds after a disastrous romance. Rumor has it he’s lost his sweet touch—the famous S Chocolate has disappeared from his signature bonbon collection. Maks can’t leave his castle without tripping over reporters. Or make that, one intrepid reporter.

Maks is intrigued when he realizes the woman who spent a rainy night on his doorstep has literally written the book on the craft chocolate process he is secretly studying. Melanie’s on a mission to uncover the source of Sommer Chocolates’ appeal. Is it the bonbons? Or will the sexy chocolatier teach her that the sensual indulgences are even more exciting than tasty sweets?


Available May 8th, a followup novella about one of the secondary characters in the above story!


Who is Angus Bright?

A quick job in Paris leads the dashingly dangerous MI6 agent to cross paths with the sexy yet equally lethal Zayla Stark. Dancing the tango with her could bring an end to his long and illustrious career behind the rifle scope. Still, refusing the sweet temptation she offers may prove devastating to his heart. When their dance reaches its pinnacle, and the pace changes tempo, who will claim victory over heart and soul?

This novella is a prequel to The Chocoholic’s Guide To Getting It On. A glimpse into the life of Jeeves before Melanie met Maksim. It is suggested that you read it after The Chocoholic’s Guide To Getting It On, but if you choose to read it first, don’t worry, you’ll just know more about the butler than most.

4 thoughts on “New/Upcoming

  1. Am trying to determine if you have a book # 3 in the works for Minnesota& the Cash Brothers. Just finished Storm Warning & Witness in the Woods.


    • I do not have that story in the works at the moment. Intrigue did not buy the third book, so it’s on hold. I do want to write that brother’s story, but not sure when it will happen. ;-(


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