4 thoughts on “Backlist Books

  1. I was wanting to know if Scarlett and Sebastian’s Story continues from dark rapture ? I read wicked angels Is there another book?


    • Dark Rapture and Wicked Angels are the only two about Sebastian and Scarlet. I had thought about writing about Sebastian during the 19th century (re: mention of Rosita in Wicked Angels) but I don’t believe I will ever get to that story.


  2. THe titles are listed in order of publication date. I write all my Beautiful Creatures stories as stand-alones. YOu can read them in any order. If you read them by order of pub date you will perhaps meet some secondary characters and later their story will show up. But you won’t miss anything if you read their main story first, and then read a story in which they were previously a secondary character. I’ve designated which novellas should be read following a single title story with the little carat symbol. Only a few novellas, I recommend, should be read after a previous story. Otherwise, feel free to dive in anywhere!


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