Where The Beautiful Creatures Are

It’s always been the blurb for my Beautiful Creatures stories, and now it’s the title of the first anthology that features 4 previously published novellas.

Racing The Moon

The Vampire’s Tango

Cruel Enchantment

Hark, The Herald Angel Falls

You can find it at Amazon, Kobo, or B&N in digital format, as well as paperback at Amazon!

My first Harlequin Intrigue is now available

And it’s my 65th book I’ve written for Harlequin! How cool is that? And how else to celebrate a story set in snowy Minnesota than by grabbing a shovel and heading out to shovel my driveway? We have gotten pummeled by snow this year. Whew! I guess the weather is saying it’s proud of me, right? Right?

STORM WARNING is now available in stores and at your favorite digital retailer.

She’s keeping secrets.

Now he must keep her alive.

A murder in the tiny town of Frost Falls is big news. And a mysterious “vacationer” with the same first name as the victim has police chief Jason Cash intent on finding out who Yvette LaSalle really is. Especially with someone now after her. Yvette is hiding dangerous information, and Jason is the only man she can trust…but how much? Because the truth will get them both killed.


Since February is that particular month that seems to feature all the hearts and roses, I decided it would be perfect to hold a sale on ALL my reissued and/or self-published digital books. Find them at Amazon, B&N, and some at iTunes. Please notice, that I have a new release today as well, ONCE A THIEF. This is a reissue of a 2005 published Silhouette Bombshell that has been re-edited and updated.

I’ve even included Michele Renae’s Paris Secrets, and the story I wrote for Tina Folsom’s Venice Vampyre series, Wicked Seduction. Go grab em!

December post – take two

Ha! Well, over a week ago I wrote up a new post and thought I’d published it, but, who knows? It isn’t showing, so I’m trying again. Just wanted to let you all know that THIS STRANGE WITCHERY is now available both in digital and paperback formats from your favorite online retailer. The actual book will show in stores…sometime next year. Don’t have a date yet, but it will be the double-book format as Nocturnes have been for a while. And…this is the last Nocturne. Ever! So grab it now before you can’t find them in stores anymore.

I wish you all a happy, merry, exciting, relaxing, interesting Holiday Season!


2018…so far

I know, I know, I keep saying I’m going to update my website more often, then it falls to the wayside. Have I mentioned how many times I hate WordPress? It’s not an easy-use for me. Can’t even explain why, but I just never feel comfortable with it. Anyway! So let me catch you up on my year so far…

March saw the release of AN AMERICAN WITCH IN PARIS. This story featured Ethan Pierce as the hero, a vampire who appeared in a few previous Beautiful Creatures stories. I wanted to tell that guy’s story, and found the perfect witch to pair him with.

Then in June THE BILLIONAIRE WEREWOLF’S PRINCESS came out, and again, I fell in love with the hero of that one. Had some fun bringing back a previous character, Never, as the hero’s half brother. Would love to write Never’s story one day. Maybe I will!

The first half of this year and last half of 2017 also saw some tough times for our family. My husband, Jeff, was diagnosed with cancer in 2013, and was doing quite well until last fall when it decided to tackle him hard. He had to quit working and was disabled to the point where he could no longer walk on his own this spring and we brought in hospice care in March. On May 31st he passed away. It was a slow cruel death, yet it was something I had seen coming for a long time. He was always in good spirits and I believe he is without pain now and very happy. While this was going on, despite my best efforts to maintain a ‘normal’ work schedule, I was lucky to get an hour or two of writing done a day (some days none at all) these past months. I’ve always been a writer who puts a lot of words to the page. I wrote three to four 80K word Nocturnes a year, and still wrote projects on the side. Since last fall, I think I’ve written 80K total.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to getting back into the writing swing of things. As you all know, Harlequin will stop publishing Nocturne in December. I’ll have the last book with THIS STRANGE WITCHERY. And then my first Intrigue, STORM WARNING, will debut next March. It’s been a slow start with the Intrigues because my mind has been preoccupied with care-giving for a while, but I’ve told myself that I wasn’t an expert at writing Nocturnes right out of the gate either, so I’m giving myself some slack and know I will slide back into ‘writer mode’ soon and ‘get r’ done’.

So this month sees the re-issue of FAMILIAR STRANGER. It was published back in 2007 as part of a 4-book mini series called Dark Enchantments. It is not a part of my Beautiful Creatures world. Instead, me and my 3 critique partners/writing buddies, Nina Bruhns, Cynthia Cooke, and Pat White created this fun paranormal world. And along with the reissues (by all 4 of us!) we’ve also written new novellas for the series. Mine is titled THE TRUTH ABOUT FAMILIARS and is a prequel to Familiar Stranger. (You can read them in any order though. Promise.) For a short time The Truth About Familiars is free at your favorite online retailer (except Amazon; don’t get me started on how difficult it is to get Amazon to mark a book to free; ugg!). So grab it now!

And next from me is TEMPTING THE DARK out this September. Promise I’ll try to post more often here, and keep you all updated on my writing and what’s going on in this new life I’m learning to live as a single person.  Blessing to you all!




The Chameleon now available!


The 3rd in my Elite Crimes Unit series is now available at your favorite online retailer.

The Elite Crimes Unit is a covert team within Interpol that specializes in taking down the world’s top criminals-and then offering them a deal. Because sometimes a history of bad behavior can be a very good thing . . .

Jack Angelo is clearly off his game. First his wallet gets lifted on the ferry to Finland. At his hotel, he’s seduced by a sexy redhead who takes him for a ride. And when he finally starts casing the bank he’s supposed to rob, yet another female fouls things up. All he wants is to complete this assignment for the ECU to save himself and his family. Little does he know that the women who keep interfering are actually one woman-who’s about to show him just how outmatched he really is . . .

Known as “The Chameleon” Saskia Petrovik is a mistress of disguise tasked with watching the new recruit as he meets up with his high-level crew of thieves. She has no problem getting under the covers to pull off an undercover job-especially with the man known as Gentleman Jack. But multiple identities can cause multiple problems, and in these dangerous circles, the temptation to show her true self could change a deceptive affair into a deadly one . . .

Updates and a new book!

Whew! I never really seem to notice how busy I am until I stop by my own website and realize I haven’t posted about a book that released at the beginning of this month! And then there’s my weird issue with WordPress that I can NEVER remember how to access the administration details of the site, so there is much swearing and keyboard pounding, and then eventually I figure things out. And this time I actually took notes, so I won’t have that excuse anymore. Maybe? That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Anyhoo…at the beginning of this month THE WITCH AND THE WEREWOLF was released. I LOVE this story. The hero and heroine are a favorite pair for me. And their adventures are fun, dramatic, and a little weird (but aren’t most of my stories weird? I hope so!). I hope you’ll check it out. The digital version is available at all online retailers, and as well, I believe you can get the paperback online too. It won’t actually appear in bookstores until next February (don’t ask; the Nocturne release schedule is, appropriately, WEIRD).

Did I let you all know that the Nocturne line has been discontinued? December 2018 will see the last Nocturne published. And I’m working on that story right now. It’s Torsten Rindle’s story. He’s popped up in The Vampire Hunter, Moonlight & Diamonds, and Taming The Hunter. I’m having fun with the guy, and the witch who has caught his eye. Oh, and Bruce the Levitating Frog makes an appearance as well.

Looking ahead, I’m seriously going to attempt to post more often at this website. I’ve decided the year 2018 is going to be a sort of social media break for me. Do I really need to check into Facebook daily? I don’t think so. I gave up television news in 2017, so who knows how far I’ll go next year. Of course, I want to always continue to communicate with my readers, so I will post to my author FB page, as well at Twitter and Instagram. So if you want updates on my new releases, do check this website, or be sure to subscribe to my newsletter!

Happy Holidays, everyone!


THE WITCH’S QUEST in now available!

The Witch’s Quest is available today in digital format at your favorite online retailer and in paperback format at Harlequin.com. This is the second story in my mini-series The Decadent Dames. (But remember, all my stories are stand-alones; they can be read in any order. I simply gave this a series title because each of the heroines all work together in a local brewery). This is an adventurous story that follows the hero and heroine on a quest across the world, and I had a lot of fun writing it. I have a few favorite scenes, but when you get to the ‘inappropriate’ scene, you’ll know that was a fun one for me, as well as the one where Valor offers “What could possibly go wrong?”

Blurb: The witch’s redemption… 

Kelyn Saint-Pierre always had a bit of a thing for Valor Hearst. But after he makes a harrowing sacrifice to save the tomboyish witch from a gruesome death, Kelyn’s certain that any spark between them is gone forever.

Valor wishes she’d known about Kelyn’s crush before she ruined everything. There may be a way she can repay her smoking-hot champion…but it won’t be easy. Circling the globe on a dangerous mission that pits them against deadly magics and dark creatures, Kelyn and Valor are pushed scorchingly close together. But surrendering to passion may only further bind them in pain…

Find at Amazon

Barnes & Noble




The Forger is now available

Hi! Today is a book birthday for my latest story in the Elite Crimes Unit series, THE FORGER. I hope you’ll enjoy this one as much as The Thief. All the paintings mentioned in this story have a special meaning to me (and I have a few hanging on my walls; copies of course, no forgeries). And if you’re interested in some of the photos that inspired this story do stop by my Pinterest page!

When Interpol’s covert behind-the-scenes Elite Crimes Unit looks for new talent, they recruit  someone who knows all the tricks—and sometimes a troublemaker is exactly who’s needed for the job…
Olivia Lawson’s bosses at Scotland Yard don’t take her work very seriously. Art and antiquities? Bor-ing! But her latest investigation, at London’s world-renowned Tate, is turning out to be far more explosive than anyone expected. In fact, the vandalized, booby-trapped painting hanging on the gallery wall would have blown her off her feet if it wasn’t for the tall, dark-haired stranger who tackled her at the last second—a stranger as finely sculpted as any masterpiece in the museum.

Ethan Maxwell is working this case for the Elite Crimes Unit because it was a choice between that and lockup.  A (barely) reformed art forger, he’s got the expertise to lead Olivia through a dangerous manhunt. But the crime may have a more personal connection to him—and the all-too-real feelings he’s developing toward Olivia could pull her into the line of fire too . . .

You can buy this book in digital or paperback format at Amazon, or your favorite online retailer.