What’s Next?

Does it seem as though it’s been a while since I’ve put out some new work? I suppose it has. A few years, at least. I’ve republished my Nocturne backlist over the past few years. Just put out Bewitched (Captivating The Witch) last month. And I have 3 more Nocturnes I got rights back to that I will attempt to get out…soonish. I don’t ever rewrite those older stories, but I do like to read through them again and do some minor editing. Then I format and create a new cover. So it takes some time. I enjoy the process!

Now, what’s going on with really new stuff? Like never been published before stuff? Well, my alter ego, Michele Renae, has a story out this December/January with Harlequin Romance, and I’m very excited about it! I just got the cover for Cinderella’s Second Chance in Paris. While I had hoped for both hero and heroine on the cover, I think she looks a lot like the heroine. To see photo inspiration for the story, go here. This was a fun story to write, but also cathartic. The hero and heroine are both widows, so they are getting a second chance at love. And do they dare? Do they deserve that second go-around? The heroine is also taking a plunge into a new job in a foreign country. All alone! Navigating widowhood is interesting, messy, challenging, but also a learning process that can’t be ignored. So I’ve set the story in my favorite place, Paris, to give a bit of glitz and fantasy to the read, but overall I feel it’s a very emotional story. With lots of fun tossed in to balance the serious moments. Raise your hands, strange girls!

I decided to write this story as Michele Renae because I’ve done a couple other light, chick-lit romances (and one erotica) and felt that Michele Hauf is mostly associated with the darker paranormals. And you know? I was in the mood for a name change. Seriously. I feel more Michele Renae lately than I do Hauf. Go figure! So do check it out, and let me know what you think. Here’s to a colorful and brisk Fall with lots of s’mores and hot chocolates!


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