Happy Friday 13th!

What better way to enjoy the day than to start reading TROUBLE? It’s now available on Kindle Vella. A new offering from Amazon that allows you to read stories in ‘episodes’ or chapters. You can read the first 3 episodes (chapters) of Trouble for free. After that, you buy tokens to redeem for the following episodes. They can be used on any of their Vella books.

He is on a quest to become king. The only thing standing in his way is a queen. The Book of Werewolves must be found to crown a werewolf king. Trouble Saint-Pierre jumps at the chance to prove he is more than the family troublemaker. A beautiful, yet annoying, vampiress who goes by the name, Bunny, joins his crusade–like it or not. The last one holding the book takes all. Will it be the sexy werewolf with a penchant for the fight, or the vampiress who must silence a threat to her very soul?

This is an All New Full Length story in my world of Beautiful Creatures. The last time I had a new story out was with This Strange Witchery, and that was when? Three or four years ago? (I have to check the copyright date; I just don’t keep those days in my brain.) So I’m very excited to put it out there for readers. I hope you enjoy it!


ps – if the clickable link above does not work go to Amazon>Kindle Books>Kindle Vella, then search ‘Trouble’

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