More Saint-Pierres falling in love

Last month I reissued GHOST WOLF, which features Daisy Blu Saint-Pierre (werewolf/faery) and her hero Beckett Severo (werewolf). And just yesterday I rereleased MOONLIGHT & DIAMONDS, featuring Stryke Saint-Pierre (werewolf) and Blyss. Notice the & is not spelled ‘and’. That’s how I originally wanted the title but the publisher wasn’t cool with that. Not sure why. So this time, it’s done my way. The story remains the same. Whenever I get rights back to a story, I reread and edit it. A very light edit. I’m not changing the story in any way. Just catching any previous missed stuff (yes, it happens, even after going through many editors and copyeditors) and sometimes I change the technology. Moonlight & Diamonds was my 50th book written for Harlequin, and it won the Romantic Times Reader’s Choice award that year. That was very cool. I’ve also got Enchanted By The Wolf next up for re-editing, with hopes to put it out in August. I put both books out through Kindle Unlimited, so if you’re a member you can read them for free. They won’t be available at other online retailers for a few months.

Have a super summer spent doing the things you love, soaking up the earth through your toes and the sun through your skin. And never stop reading!


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