The Saint-Pierre family tree

Happy New Year!
Last year I re-released 20 titles set in my Beautiful Creatures world, and two new stories from Michele Renae, The Chocoholic’s Guide To Getting It On, and When Angus Met Zayla. Whew! That was fun, a lot of work, and really interesting to reread some stories that I hadn’t read for years. The characters are like friends and family to me!This year I want to highlight the family and connections in my Beautiful Creatures world. Each month I’m going to focus on one family and point out all the connections and their related stories. Let’s start with the most popular family created by Creed and Blu Saint-Pierre.

Blu (werewolf princess) met and was forced to marry Creed Saint-Pierre (vampire) in HER VAMPIRE HUSBAND.
Blu’s best friend, Sabrina (faery) met one of Creed’s friends, Revin (vampire) in CRUEL ENCHANTMENT.
One of Blu’s pack members, Ridge (werewolf) met Abigail (witch) in THE WEREWOLF’S WIFE (what happened in Vegas did not stay in Vegas).
Now, despite the fact that werewolves generally cannot get pregnant by vampires, with a little faery magic, Blu gave birth to twins, Malakai and Kambriel (who tried to kill one another before birth).
The vampiress, Kambriel’s story is THE DARK’S MISTRESS, in which, she meets Johnny Santiago (vampire) (I’ll cover his family in February).
Malakai (Kai: werewolf) married Rissa (faery) in MALAKAI. Kai and Rissa have had 5 children (so far).
First born, Daisy Blu (werewolf…for a while) met Beck (werewolf) in GHOST WOLF. Beck’s dad is Severo (werewolf), who met the human (perhaps vampire) Bella in MOON KISSED, and the followup story, AFTER THE KISS. 
Next born to Kai and Rissa was Trouble (werewolf). I currently have his story drafted out. Fingers crossed for publication some time in 2021!
Blade (vampire/faery) is next, and he met Zen (fallen angel?) in THE VAMPIRE’S FALL.
Stryke (werewolf) and Bliss (werewolf) heat up Paris in MOONLIGHT & DIAMONDS. Bliss’s brother Kir (werewolf) draws the short stick when he’s forced to marry Bea (faery) in ENCHANTED BY THE WOLF
And the youngest Saint-Pierre child, Kelyn (faery) finds his true love, Valor (witch) in THE WITCH’S QUEST. Valor’s witchy friends will be featured in another month.

That is the Saint-Pierre family (and a few friends). Give or take some persons I am aware have not yet been born, and/or discovered/revealed. I hope it wasn’t too confusing. 😉 Tune in February for the Santiago/Hawkes family tree!
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Stay weird!

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