This Witchery series is out there

Whoo! I’m in! I know! It’s been since April since I’ve posted. My excuse is always that I forget my password or have a heck of a time breaching WordPress’s login, even though I have all the right info. There’s a trick to it, and I haven’t mastered it after all these years.

Anyway, how are you all holding up? I won’t ask for details. Some of us are hanging by a string, others are calmly settled in and still others (me?) want to punch things. Which reminds me, today I start my first boxing workout class. I’m going to punch things! I can’t wait.

So at the beginning of this month I rereleased my favorite mini series within my world of Beautiful Creatures, the This Witchery stories. Because the twins, Certainly and Thoroughly Jones are two of my top heroes ever. Love those guys. Would love to meet Certainly and see his place with all the chandeliers. As always, my stories are written to be read in any order, which is the same of these. But, if you read them in the order they are written then you might see the characters progress along the way as I learned more about them. So that order is: This Glamourous Evil, This Wicked Magic, and This Soul Magic. I did not release This Strange Witchery, as it is still owned by Harlequin, but that is the fourth title, which is about Thoroughly’s daughter, and is also available online.

Here are links to order online:

Amazon: This Glam   This Wicked   This Soul

B&N: This Glam   This Wicked   This Soul

Kobo: This Glam   This Wicked   This Soul

Go forth and get witched!

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