Updates and a new book!

Whew! I never really seem to notice how busy I am until I stop by my own website and realize I haven’t posted about a book that released at the beginning of this month! And then there’s my weird issue with WordPress that I can NEVER remember how to access the administration details of the site, so there is much swearing and keyboard pounding, and then eventually I figure things out. And this time I actually took notes, so I won’t have that excuse anymore. Maybe? That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Anyhoo…at the beginning of this month THE WITCH AND THE WEREWOLF was released. I LOVE this story. The hero and heroine are a favorite pair for me. And their adventures are fun, dramatic, and a little weird (but aren’t most of my stories weird? I hope so!). I hope you’ll check it out. The digital version is available at all online retailers, and as well, I believe you can get the paperback online too. It won’t actually appear in bookstores until next February (don’t ask; the Nocturne release schedule is, appropriately, WEIRD).

Did I let you all know that the Nocturne line has been discontinued? December 2018 will see the last Nocturne published. And I’m working on that story right now. It’s Torsten Rindle’s story. He’s popped up in The Vampire Hunter, Moonlight & Diamonds, and Taming The Hunter. I’m having fun with the guy, and the witch who has caught his eye. Oh, and Bruce the Levitating Frog makes an appearance as well.

Looking ahead, I’m seriously going to attempt to post more often at this website. I’ve decided the year 2018 is going to be a sort of social media break for me. Do I really need to check into Facebook daily? I don’t think so. I gave up television news in 2017, so who knows how far I’ll go next year. Of course, I want to always continue to communicate with my readers, so I will post to my author FB page, as well at Twitter and Instagram. So if you want updates on my new releases, do check this website, or be sure to subscribe to my newsletter!

Happy Holidays, everyone!


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