THE WITCH’S QUEST in now available!

The Witch’s Quest is available today in digital format at your favorite online retailer and in paperback format at This is the second story in my mini-series The Decadent Dames. (But remember, all my stories are stand-alones; they can be read in any order. I simply gave this a series title because each of the heroines all work together in a local brewery). This is an adventurous story that follows the hero and heroine on a quest across the world, and I had a lot of fun writing it. I have a few favorite scenes, but when you get to the ‘inappropriate’ scene, you’ll know that was a fun one for me, as well as the one where Valor offers “What could possibly go wrong?”

Blurb: The witch’s redemption… 

Kelyn Saint-Pierre always had a bit of a thing for Valor Hearst. But after he makes a harrowing sacrifice to save the tomboyish witch from a gruesome death, Kelyn’s certain that any spark between them is gone forever.

Valor wishes she’d known about Kelyn’s crush before she ruined everything. There may be a way she can repay her smoking-hot champion…but it won’t be easy. Circling the globe on a dangerous mission that pits them against deadly magics and dark creatures, Kelyn and Valor are pushed scorchingly close together. But surrendering to passion may only further bind them in pain…

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