Michele’s Book List

Ever wish you had a list of all my books? I used to have a handy-dandy downloadable pdf but that’s gotten a bit crowded and I haven’t had a chance to create a new one. So for now, here’s the list!  (Under Paranormal Romance, if they are not part of the Beautiful Creatures world I’ve noted below)


Taming The Hunter (6/17)

The Venetian Vampire (1/17)

The Vampire’s Protector

Her Werewolf Hero

Captivating The Witch

Enchanted By The Wolf

The Vampire’s Fall

Moonlight & Diamonds

Ghost Wolf

Beyond The Moon

The Vampire Hunter

Beautiful Danger

This Wicked Magic

Forever Werewolf

The Werewolf’s Wife

Ashes of Angels


Angel Slayer

Moon Kissed (read After The Kiss following this)

The Highwayman

The Devil To Pay

His Forgotten Forever

Kiss Me Deadly

Familiar Stranger (this is NOT set in my Beautiful Creatures world)

From The Dark

Forever Vampire

Seducing The Vampire

Her Vampire Husband (read Moonspun after this)

Follow The Night

Wicked Angels (read Dark Rapture before this)

Dark Rapture



Hark The Herald Angel Falls

The Boss’s Moonlight Secret

The Dark’s Mistress

This Soul Magic


Claiming The Wolf

The Reaper’s Heart (not Beautiful Creatures)


Moonspun (read after Her Vampire Husband)

Night of the Living Wed (not Beautiful Creatures)

Monsters Don’t Do Christmas

The Sin Eater’s Promise

Playing With Fire

This Glamorous Evil

Cruel Enchantment

The Ninja Vampire’s Girl

Halo Hunter

Vampire’s Tango

After The Kiss (read after Moon Kissed)

Racing The Moon

Dust Me, Baby, One More Time (not Beautiful Creatures)

A Kiss of Frost








The Forger (8/17)

The Thief (4/17)

Once A Thief


Getaway Girl

In The Event of My Death

Maxwell’s Smile

The Geek Gets The Girl



The Unforgiven: Athos

Follow The Night (Beautiful Creatures)

My Lady Madness

Here Is My Heart

Tame Me Not

Betray Me Not

Enchant Me Not


ROGUE ANGEL series (Alex Archer pseudonym)

Swordsman’s Legacy

The Bone Conjurer

The Other Crowd

The Matador’s Crown

Blood Cursed

The Devil’s Chord


EROTICA written as Michele Renae

The Paris Secrets Trilogy, which includes:





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