The final chapter

Do you make it here? Did you stop in daily to read a chapter or did you use the Book Breaks app to read it all at once? Either way, I hope you enjoyed Blaise and Cady’s story. They are a part of my Beautiful Creatures world. And if this is the first time you’ve read something by me stop in tomorrow for a complete list of all my book titles. (You won’t run out of reading material, I promise!)

Read the final chapter below and then check out the sneak peek of the cover for my next release (late November). RACING THE MOON is a re-release, but since so many readers are just discovering me it could be new to you!


Blaise put up a hand as Cady started to follow him to the edge of the forest. She paused. A cool fall breeze shivered through her light T-shirt and made her skin a conductor for every sensation of lust and desire, but mostly apprehension.

He was methodical in taking off his shirt and pants and folding them. She supposed he must ruin a lot of clothing if the shift came on him suddenly. Like when he hadn’t remembered what he really was. And now that he did remember? It must be such a relief to him.

Good thing she had a talent for sewing. She foresaw brushing up on her seamstress skills in the future.

She’d seen Blaise shift a few times now, and marveled that in that short time she’d come to accept the man—werewolf. She had. Mostly?

“Slow,” she whispered. “I do love him. Always have.”

But knowing what she now knew added a new dimension to her emotions that had to be tendered carefully. And, she needed to stand before his werewolf and look into his eyes and…accept.

So when his body transformed, and fur grew over his bulging muscles and his head took on the shape of a wolf, she shivered at the incredible realization that something she’d always thought fiction was real. And then she couldn’t stop herself from walking forward, to meet the hand—paw—the werewolf held out to her.

He smelled like fur and field and wild. His maw revealed brilliant, sharp teeth and his ears rotated as she stepped up. Black leathery nostrils flared to take her in. The werewolf then thrust back its shoulders and howled, long and loud. The sound carried through the forest and was answered by what she suspected could be a natural wolf. Then he dropped to one knee before her and nuzzled his nose and face aside her thigh.

Cady combed her fingers over his fur and even dared to brush them over his ear. So soft. Yet the beast was strong and powerful, and she decided he could rip a man apart with but a tug.

“I’m not afraid of you,” she said. “I love you, Blaise.”

The werewolf stood, drawing its nose along her side until it touched her hair. It wasn’t a sexual touch. He was just familiarizing himself with her while in his shifted shape. Gold eyes were rimmed with brown stars. So much empathy in his gaze. There lived a man behind those eyes.

A man she loved.

“Go,” she said. “Run and howl at the moon. You’ve given me your wild. Now take it for yourself.”

The wolf loped off into the forest. She stood there until it howled again. Cady fancied he’d just called her name…in wolf.


Now here’s a sneak-peek at the cover for RACING THE MOON!



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