Would a werewolf wear a Halloween costume?


Halloween fell on a Wednesday, so Blaise had to work. Which meant no dashing out to the cabin to shift tonight. He and Cady had appeased his werewolf last night. Over and over. But on the night of the full moon? The werewolf would need to be let out.

And on Halloween, of all days. Should he count that as a blessing since a furry man loping about the city might not earn a second glance on such a holiday?

He snickered to himself, then caught a glimpse of Cady through the half-open doorway as she entered the office and dropped her purse on the desk, while juggling two coffees. What was she wearing? His cock instantly hardened. And yet… Really?

Three eager strides took him into the reception room. He studied the black velvet cat’s ears on her head, and then turned her by the shoulders to make a show of checking out the long black tail sprouting from her short black skirt.

“A cat?”

She wiggled her derriere, setting the tail to a bobble. “I’m always a cat on Halloween. Oh.” She preened one of the ears. “Do you have a problem with cats?” She glided a hand up his suit to his tie, where the blue-striped silk wasn’t quite so tight as usual. “Does the big bad wolf fear one little pussycat?”

He grabbed her by the ass. “This wolf is going to show the pussycat just how wild he is.”

“You already have.” A nudge of her thigh against his erection made him hiss in restraint. “Just friends at the office, remember?”

“How long until quitting time?”

“Eight and a half hours.” The purring cat wiggled away from him and cast a wink over her shoulder.

“I’ll never make it,” Blaise muttered.


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