Chapter 27


Sign her up for the challenge of keeping the man sexually sated! On the night before the full moon, the twosome hooked up at Blaise’s place. After wine, popcorn and only fifteen minutes of the corniest action movie from the ’80s the man could find, they didn’t even make it down the hall into the bedroom before their clothes were stripped away.

As Blaise knelt before Cady and kissed her mons, dragging his tongue in wicked slowness about her aching folds, she pressed a hand to the wall to steady herself. His dark tousled hair and the beard rubbing softly against her thigh reminded of when she’d seen him in the forest as a wolf. Wild.

“Will I ever get to formally meet your werewolf?” she said on a sudden gasp as his tongue found the perfect spot and did not relent in giving her pleasure. “Hold that thought. Oh, yes. Right there…”

An hour later, Blaise shoved the sheets off the bed because they were only getting tangled in them. The man’s penis was exquisite, and she couldn’t get enough of it. Stroking, squeezing, licking, sucking; it was all good. For a few moments, such actions gave her the control over such a powerful man, and she realized that feeling was necessary to alleviate any lingering fears.

The man grasped her hair gently, and came with a shout and a growl. The animal part of him always emerged to have its say when he was at his most vulnerable and yet also most powerful.

When she snuggled beside him and he kissed her on the nose, he said, “You asked about meeting my werewolf. You sure about that?”

“I think so. Maybe?”

“I’ll wait until you’re sure. It could get intense. My werewolf will want to claim you.”


He nodded.

“Okay, not ready for that. Yet. But I trust you, lover. Completely.”

“I’ll make you mine. Someday. I love you, Cady.”

“You do?”

“I think it’s like you knowing you wanted me from the moment of the job interview. I think I’ve always loved you.”

That had been a forthright confession. But something kept Cady from responding in kind.


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