It is a short story so…

…sometimes that makes writing a sex scene difficult. Especially when the chapters average 320 words. But you get the idea, right? 😉


Blaise tugged on his pants and left the rest of his clothing beside the door. He wanted to get to Cady before she fell asleep. But he needn’t worry; she stood right inside the doorway, waiting for him.

Without a word, she slid a palm up his bare chest, igniting a sensual shiver through to his bones. She tilted onto her toes to kiss him.

“I’m not that tired,” she whispered against his mouth. “And the fire is so inviting. On the rug, over there.”

He could respect a command when he heard one. Blaise carried Cady over to the rug and laid her down. Kneeling over her, he kissed her until her sensual moans drove him mad with want.

Their clothes were shed with ease. He couldn’t get enough of her skin beneath his mouth and tongue. Her fingers danced down his abs and circled his erection. He growled and then laughed heartily.

“Tonight you’ve managed to tame my wolf and yet all this time you’ve only wanted me to set the wolf free.”

“Yes, but taming is the most dangerous part,” she said with a biting kiss to his jaw. “Show me your wild, Blaise. Take me.”

His kissed her breasts, leisurely teasing each nipple while gliding his fingers down to her wetness. Her heat made him growl hungrily. While in human shape he thought, dreamed and acted as a man. Yet now he felt an animal need to fill her and take her as she demanded.

Cady gasped as he entered her. Hilting himself in her lush heat, Blaise thrust quickly, finding a rhythm that brought both to panting, shouting orgasms within minutes.

And as he settled onto her, resting his head against her pounding heartbeats, he closed his eyes, thankful that she had trusted him, and accepted his wolf.

“We’re just getting started,” she said. “Upstairs on the bed for round two?”

He took her into his arms and made the stairs in four seconds flat.


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