Up North

Yep, Up North is a place in Minnesota. It’s not a town or a county, but rather, the entire upper portion of the state. If you live Up North, you don’t use the term much. But if you live below ‘the line’ then you probably head Up North for the weekend or have a cabin ‘up there’ or somesuch. Check my Pinterest page for a handy-dandy map showing the intricate borders of Up North. 😉


The cabin was Up North and sat on forty acres near Gooseberry Falls State Park, a three-hour drive from the Twin Cities. The forest was thick and the mosquitoes hearty. Blaise had purchased the land a decade ago and it was his sanctuary. He came here most full moons. For privacy, and to let out his wolf.

Despite Cady’s beliefs otherwise, he did let out his wild. When no one was looking. But she had seen him shift twice now. They’d moved beyond boss and employee.

He’d always held back from making the first romantic move with her. Office relationships could never work. Or could they? He wanted to find out. But in the process, a whole new set of rules would have to be established.

Wrapped in a blanket on the couch before the hearth fire, Cady seemed transfixed by the amber flames. It was close to midnight.

“I’m going out for a run,” Blaise said as he opened the door. “There’s an extra bedroom upstairs on the left. I’ll be out for a while.”

“Are you going for a run on two legs or four?”

It was weird knowing someone who knew his secret. But also nice. “Four.”

She nodded and waved as he left.


         The minute the door closed, Cady threw off the blanket, slipped into her ankle boots and wandered out into the night. The moon was a little over half-full and brightened the night. But she didn’t fear a dark forest. Nor even a wolf.

Maybe a little?

Not sure what she was after, she crept down an obvious path littered with crunchy gold and red leaves. When she heard the wolf’s howl, her skin prickled.

“You can do this.” And she walked onward.


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