“There’s a shortcut to my place down the alley. I got it from here.” Wanting to put some distance between them, Cady rushed away from Blaise.

Because her feelings about the man were so conflicted. Why couldn’t she fall into his arms and make out with him? Or should she avoid intimacy and treat him like the boss he was?

She turned the corner down a dark alleyway. And walked right into a man holding a knife.


         Blaise smelled Cady’s fear before he heard the faint, muffled protest. She hadn’t screamed. Had someone put a hand over her mouth?

He rushed ahead, easily seeing in the darkness as he turned into the alley. Two silhouettes stood fifty feet away from him. One up against the brick wall. The other—a man with a knife holding it at Cady’s chest.

Rage welled in Blaise and the shift tore through him. He had enough sense to only half shift, keeping his lower human form still clothed, but his suit coat, shirt and tie ripped away as his chest expanded and his head, shoulders and chest morphed into werewolf form.

He leaped toward the attacker. The man turned to face him—and dropped the knife.


         The werewolf chased the man down the alley and around the corner. Cady remained glued to the brick wall, her fingers shaking and leg muscles straining to hold her upright. He’d asked for her purse and had pressed the blade against her breast. In that moment she’d felt sure she would die.

Until the werewolf had bounded in for the rescue.

And now she realized Blaise had shifted to werewolf shape in the city.

“Someone could see him. Oh, no. This is not good.”

Adrenaline enabled her to wobble down the alley. She turned the corner and found Blaise, now shifted back to human shape. Hands propped on his knees, he bent over, huffing.

When he looked to her, his eyes changed from gold back to brown. “I’m sorry,” he gasped.



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