Do you know his secret?

smbossBut does he? That is the question!


“You almost did it that day in the office,” Cady said as they strolled the sidewalk toward her building. It was seven in the evening and many were out speed walking, swiftly passing them by. The sun had set, but streetlights illuminated their path.

“Did what?” Blaise’s hand intermittently brushed hers, but he never quite took hold of it.

“Let the wildness out. When you had me pinned against the wall.”

“I did not have you pinned…” He stepped in front of her, stopping them beneath a leafless maple tree. “You like an aggressive man?”

Cady shrugged. “Depends.” She gripped his tie knot. “This is your choke collar. You know that, right?”

He placed his hand about hers, and the warmth of him sent ridiculous shivers through her and hardened her nipples. She stepped a little closer, looking up into his whiskey-brown eyes.

“You’re right,” he said. “So I like control. But do you really believe you could handle my wild?”

If that wasn’t a challenge she didn’t know what was. Cady stepped even closer—close enough to kiss—when a dog barking near their feet startled her heart up to her throat. The owner tugged away the leashed Chihuahua and apologized.

Unnerved, Cady rubbed a palm along her arm. “Maybe you’re right. Dogs kind of scare me.”

Blaise gripped her by the shoulders and bowed to bring them eye to eye. “I. Am not. A dog. Got that? I am werewolf. We are the original breed, and a proud one at that. And I promise you, Cady, I will never harm you. Can you trust me?”

She nodded, but couldn’t find her voice to agree wholeheartedly.


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