Chapter 19


The conversation ended with a kiss at her door, but it would be another four days before they spoke again. Blaise had a security tech conference in Vegas to attend, and while he’d suggested taking Cady along, she’d told him he was good on his own. He’d nodded and had muttered something about giving her some space.

She was actually glad about that. She had scheduled a mini vacation at the same time, so she finally got around to repainting the bedroom. And she stole some time out to jog along the Mississippi riverside trails and admire the fall leaves. And the stack of novels by her bed was reduced by two.

Yet her heart felt half-full. She missed Blaise. And even a Skype chat with her cryptozoologist friend about werewolves, during which he’d warned her about getting too close, couldn’t alter her desire for Blaise.

Or was it curiosity?

“Both,” she said with a sigh as she taped up a Halloween garland in the office.

The boss was due in today, and while she suspected he wasn’t much for decorations, the reception area was her domain and she loved putting out the fun stuff. She pulled out the cardboard silhouettes of a vampire and a werewolf from the pack of decorations she’d bought and considered both.

When the office door swung open the scent of roses preceded a whistling man. He was in a good mood! The lush red roses sported thick, velvety petals.

“For me?”

“I missed you.” He leaned in and kissed her cheek. “Here’s to a new beginning,” he said. “But that…” He eyed the decorations lying on her desk. “Is that some kind of joke?”

“No, sorry.” She shoved the stack and it landed in the garbage can. “I liked the black cat but didn’t know it would have the werewolf in the pack, as well. Stupid decorations.”

“Let’s keep this a judgment-free zone, shall we? Go with the cat. Will you let me walk you home tonight?”

“Of course.”


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