Howl for Werewolf Month!





For a moment, when he’d stood Cady up against the wall, Blaise had wanted to lunge in and kiss her. Peel away all her clothes. And…then he’d swallowed, feeling the tight tie circling his neck, and had realized he was acting like an animal. So he’d let her walk out. He spent the next half hour trying to not think about his need to take the woman, while attempting to maintain his focus on the client.

She’d rejected him, and yet she was not afraid of him. Interesting. He wasn’t out of this game.

An apology for his rudeness had been necessary. So now, after work, they sat in The Capital Grille at a private corner table. Candlelight flickered. Smoke and sulfur. Wine filled his senses with lush raspberries and oak. The rare steak had been delicious.

The conversation? A struggle.

Blaise moved aside the wine goblet and clasped Cady’s hand. She was worth his best shot. “You always claim to know so much about me,” he said. “And you do. I feel I know a lot about you, but not as much as I should. Tell me something I don’t know about you. Something personal. Intimate.”

Teasing her tongue along her upper teeth, she tilted her head in consideration. Falling into her bright, sparkling eyes was the easiest release.

“All right. Here goes. I’ve had a crush on you since the job interview a year ago.”

Blaise smirked. “Cady. I asked you to tell me something I don’t know.”

“Oh.” She wiggled on the chair, and then stroked the back of his hand. “Okay. You were right in guessing that I’m fascinated by you and your…” She glanced around; no other guests sat within hearing range. “Condition. It excites me. I’m curious about all aspects of you and all that you are. But at the same time? I’m scared. You’re…different.”

He put both his hands about hers, and realized he shook a little. Her heartfelt confession had entered him. And he understood. “Thank you, for being honest with me. I want to make us work.”

“Us?” she asked.

He nodded. “You want that, don’t you? And even if it’s different, can you give it a try?”

“I do like to try new things.”


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