Welcome back!


The man actually growled at her.

But Cady wasn’t going to show fear. She’d meant what she’d said to him. He was more afraid of his wild side than she could ever be.

Blaise leaned closer. He smelled, not wild, but controlled. Men’s cologne and a fine silk tie tightened firmly about his neck. Always in control. And she suddenly wanted him to unloose the beast within.

Or did she?

Not here at work. But did she trust him alone with her now that she knew what she knew?

Cady, get it together!

He tilted his head. His nose dragged along her cheek and his lashes dusted her skin. Was he scenting her? Her heartbeats thudded and her skin warmed. It felt wrong when it should only be the sexiest move ever. And just when Cady decided this wasn’t what she wanted—at least not this way—Blaise pulled away.

He stepped back, still holding her gaze, and adjusted that too-tight tie. Could it get any tighter? It was his subconscious way of curtailing his wild. Had to be.

“If you tempt the beast,” he said calmly, and rubbed a sure hand along his beard, “I won’t be able to protect you.”

Cady nodded, thinking it best to appease him. For now. They were not done, by any means. The fire had been stoked. She desired the man. And she knew he wanted her.

But the dance between her trust and his beast was more complicated than she’d expected.

“I, uh…have a report to copy,” she said. “And you have a client due to arrive any minute.”

He didn’t call after her as she left the office, but she again heard a low growl. It unsettled her, but not in a fearful way. Listening to Blaise Bowen growl felt as if she were hearing his struggle between desire and the wild freedom that demanded his attention.

She’d always wanted to tempt him sexually. But could she handle the results?


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