Hunter’s moon tonight

Find a moment to glance toward the sky tonight. The moon should be at its closest to the earth, and all of our wild ambitions will want to spill out. Let some spill!


“I reacted when you kissed me,” she said to him. “But now that I’ve had a day to consider it…”

Blaise leaned back in his chair, putting an ankle up on his opposite knee and broadening his shoulders. A classic alpha pose he used during negotiations. It always got him what he wanted.

“What I’m trying to say is, if you kiss me again,” she said, “I’ll kiss you back.”

“Is that so? Why? Are you curious about what it’s like to kiss an animal? Where does that come from?”

“You’re not an animal. Are you? I mean, well, you’re not all the time. Have you remembered things yet?”

“I have.” He stood and approached her slowly. “I’m a werewolf, Cady. Have been all my life. I shift during the full moon. It’s an instinct thing. Has to happen. By day I am CEO of my own cyber-security corporation. Yet I’ve an animal within me. It is me.”

Blaise stepped right up to her and she took a step back. Her shoulders hit the wall. A deer trapped by his wolfish prowl.

He placed a hand on the wall over her shoulder and leaned closer. Her candy scent tickled his nostrils. “I don’t think you can handle my wild, Cady.”

“I, uh…” She suddenly lifted her chest and assumed a calm tone. “Really? Because I think it’s you who can’t handle your wild. You’ve hidden it for years. You lost all memory of it for a reason. What are you hiding from, Blaise? And is your wolf as big a chicken as you are?”


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