Even more wolf…


This morning Blaise strode directly into his office without a hello. Cady sighed and sipped her cream-laden coffee. After he’d kissed her she had freaked on him. Because her mind had been thinking of furry wolf hands gliding over her skin and…

It was a reasonable fear.

Yet life wasn’t life without some surprises and anxiety. The man was amazing. Kind, generous and so smart. And his sex appeal hadn’t diminished because she now knew his deep dark secret.

Maybe a little.

She caught her forehead against a palm. A secret he’d kept from her even when he’d known his truth before the accident. Had he done it to protect her or himself?

Probably both. It had to be difficult, a werewolf existing amongst a world of humans. People accepted the paranormal on TV shows and in movies. But to be confronted with it in real life? Nope.

Yet she’d been confronted with it and she was…conflicted. Blaise Bowen had been her Potential Mr. Right. Was she able to accept that right must also include howling at the moon?

She glanced at his closed office door.

She had always wanted to take their relationship to the next level. A new obstacle had been placed in her way. But could she deal with a werewolf?


         Cady knocked quietly and Blaise invited her in. He’d tried to avoid conversation because he had taken her rejection to heart. She wasn’t interested in him now that she knew his truth.

He tugged at his tie to ensure it was secure. Yeah, so he’d suited up again, even after his revelation yesterday. A man couldn’t wolf out in public. Some things had to remain the same. He’d established a careful and guarded work routine. “What’s on my schedule for today?”

“We are,” she said boldly.

He lifted a brow at that challenge. Maybe he had misjudged her reaction to his advance?




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