All wolf, all the time…

Who’s watching Supernatural tonight? I admit, I missed all of last season, but do want to watch this season. I might have to dive into Netflix to catch up, and fast! One of my favorite episodes was Heart, the werewolf story, which is appropriate to remember for this, Werewolf Month! Are you enjoying the free online read? Have you signed up for my newsletter to receive a free copy of Moon Kissed? Go for it! Now on with the story…


Before the pile of clothing that the wolf sniffed at—and knew was a part of him—the animal shifted back to human form. Blaise laughed and shouted from where he sat now, in a stream, then punched the air triumphantly

Because he remembered that he was werewolf, and had always been so. And he would no longer deny the wildness that for years he’d attempted to hide.

But along with the elation came the dark memory of why he’d always been cautious not to let others glimpse his true nature. His older brother and he had been out in the forest. Mason had been goofing off and shifted to wolf, even as Blaise had warned him he smelled someone close by.

The bullet had hit Mason in the head, killing him instantly, and dropping him near Blaise’s feet. The hunter had rushed him, shoving the rifle barrel against Blaise’s chest. “You one of them shifty wolves too, boy?”

Hands raised in placation, Blaise had shaken his head, fear and shock keeping him silent.

A police siren had sounded then, sending the hunter running, as he’d muttered something about poaching.

And Blaise had fallen over his brother, who five minutes later shifted to his human form, for that was what occurred should their species die in wolf form. Blaise had buried him in the forest that day and vowed never to let others see him for what he really was. It was too dangerous. And so, as each month had demanded he shift under the full moon, he’d gone to the cabin he owned Up North and spent the night there, safe from humans, yet always leery.

No wonder that knowledge had been bolted behind a locked door during the accident. Who would want to remember such a thing?

Sniffing away a tear now, Blaise promised Mason things would change. He would never stand afraid before a human again.


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