The wolf remembers…


She had rejected him last evening, and Blaise didn’t know how to deal with that, so he called in to work with the excuse he had some things to take care of at home. He recognized Cady’s tone. That “I know you’re lying but I’m your personal assistant so I’ll make excuses for you today” tone.

Clad in comfortable jeans and a sweater, Blaise wandered out behind his home and walked north, along the forest edge. He really did need to work things out. And he couldn’t do that around…humans.

He wasn’t human? Strange concept to accept. Yet this morning, when he’d lifted the razor to shave, he’d shaken his head. Shaving was for the office and clients, so the world would take him seriously. He’d always thought that, and now he knew why.

Because he had to hide to be accepted.

And maybe his brain had kicked the awareness of his true nature behind a closed door that the accident had finally unlocked.

But he stood with his hand on the metaphorical door handle now, and he wanted to open it and look over whatever was inside. A wolf? One with a wild and hungry nature? A soul that craved to run free?

Veering toward a clearing that edged a stream, Blaise pulled off his sweater and swung it over a shoulder. It invigorated him to feel the slap of leaves against his skin. His toes tingled in his shoes, so, reaching a mossy landing, he kicked them off. A burbling stream coaxed him to bend and to cup some water to drink it.

What was that familiar scent nearby? It was…his scent? Had he marked his territory? Huh. Made sense that a wolf would do such a thing.

And then he closed his eyes and focused on what growled within him. The wild he sensed was there. He followed Jag’s instructions to simply release and see himself becoming the wolf…

…and he did.


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