More wolfie boss story…Chapter 12


Finally the man was kissing her!

Cady tugged Blaise closer with his suit lapels. Intent and insistent, his kiss stole into her being and shivered across her skin. Twisting her fingers through his soft hair, she sighed into his mouth. He held her against him as if she belonged to him.

She had for so long.

Reality was much sweeter than her fantasies had been.

Blaise groaned as he tilted his head and opened her mouth with his. Hands gliding to her hips, he coaxed her forward until she felt his hard arousal against her thigh.

This man knew how to kiss. This man…

Was a werewolf. A creature she had seen as half man, half wolf, with fur and claws and sharp teeth…

Cady abruptly pulled from the kiss. Her eyes flickered back and forth between his deep brown irises. His eyebrow rose in a questioning yet hopeful gesture. He could only be thinking: Should he kiss her again? Why was she staring at him?

Why was she staring at him and not kissing him?

Something in the pit of Cady’s stomach coiled inward and she took a step back. Immediately, she hated that step away, but she didn’t know how else to react.

“Can we do this?” she wondered aloud. And then, to make it less icky, she added. “Boss and employee?” When really she’d meant: human and werewolf.

Yikes. What was she thinking?

“I, uh… We’ve been flirting like this for a year, Cady. I thought…” He narrowed his brows, then nodded, seeming to come to some conclusion. “Right. It’s not the employee-and-boss thing. It’s the werewolf thing.”

He slid a hand down his tie and thrust back his shoulders, assuming the stoic pose he often took before heading into a meeting with a demanding client.

“I should go.” He turned and walked out of her apartment.

And Cady couldn’t find words to make him stop. Did she want him to stop? What was up with her sudden fear of making out with him?


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