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So how’s Werewolf Month been going for you? Feel the urge to howl yet? I hope you’ve been reading my FREE online short story THE BOSS’S MOONLIGHT SECRET, either here every day or at or on the Book Breaks app.

landingcoverNow I have another opportunity for you to get a free werewolf story from me. All you have to do is sign up to receive my newsletter (click on link in menu bar above, or right here) and I’ll send you an ebook of MOON KISSED. Severo’s story! I’ll be rereleasing some of my back list over the next year because many of you have only recently discovered my stories, so my older works will be new to you. I’ve re-edited the stories, and in some cases made very slight changes (updating cell phones is an example). The majority of my paranormal romances are set in my Beautiful Creatures world, and you can read most of them in any order. So if you’ve never read me before, you can start with Moon Kissed.

Now back to our regularly scheduled wolf stuff…


Blaise waited by the kitchen counter while Cady rustled up the files for him. Her house smelled like candy. Like her. Probably a subtle scent but it overwhelmed right now, so he checked the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water. He downed the whole thing in two swallows. Anything to distract his senses from zooming in on her. On her soft, sweet scent, and the lush fall of blond hair that spilled alongside her face. As she sorted through things on her desk, her derriere wiggled, drawing his attention there.

Everything about her screamed for him to move closer. Touch. Take. Master.

Blaise shook his head. Whew! He’d not been in his right mind since meeting Jag. Again, apparently. The man had told him that an innate feeling occurred when he wanted to shift. No other way to describe it. He simply needed to recognize that feeling, and then to practice the shift.

The idea of changing into an animal scared the hell out of him. And then it did not. Actually, it felt empowering. All men had a bit of animal inside them. Blaise just needed to figure out how to release it.

If he really wanted to.

“Here you go.” Cady slapped the file folder onto the counter and propped a hand on her hip. “Have time to eat something before you go? I’ll make spaghetti.”

His favorite. She knew so much about him. Except the part about him struggling with his desire for her.


She tilted her head. Ice-blue eyes sought his. An invitation from a sexy angel. And he didn’t want to ignore that invitation any longer.

“I need to do this,” he said.

Pulling her against him, Blaise leaned down and kissed the personal assistant he’d been lusting after for a year. He’d always wondered how her mouth would feel against his. Soft, lush and oh, so sweet. Her breasts hugged against his chest and his entire body reacted to the connection.

Why had he waited so long to do this?


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