Would you date a werewolf?


After he’d given Blaise as much info as he could about being a werewolf, Jag offered to show him how the shift worked. Jag wouldn’t shift to werewolf form because then his wolf would want to stay for a while. As it was, he intended to take off for a run after he’d shifted.

It all sounded so alien to Blaise. And Jag had said Blaise had never been a member of a pack. Packs? Of humans who shifted into wolves? That was so bizarre!

Now as he stood back, with Cady’s hand in his, he could but marvel. What had once been a six-and-a-half-foot man with impossible shoulders and biceps suddenly shimmered and shifted. Before them stood a wolf with black-and-gray fur. A big wolf.

A real wolf.

“Wow,” Cady whispered. Squeezing his hand, she hugged up against his side. A fierce protectiveness spurred Blaise to return the hug. She gazed up at Blaise with the same marvel that he felt having witnessed such a thing.

“That’s me?” he murmured.

“You seriously don’t remember?”

He shook his head. “But I feel…something. It calls to me.”

The wolf had loped off, freed and loose and remarkably…also a man.

Blaise tugged at his tight tie and decided that what he innately felt had to be true. What was it that called to him?

“The wild.”


         Cady offered to drive because she sensed Blaise was out of sorts as he thought over that incredible scene of watching Jag shift to wolf. She had been stunned, initially frightened and yet…fascinated.

So she had a thing for a werewolf? And here she’d thought she’d run through the gamut of male suspects in her dating life. But apparently she desired an actual animal. Ha!

Well, she wasn’t dating her boss. But. She wanted to.

“Head to your place,” Blaise suddenly said. “I’ll drop you off.”

“Sure. I’ve got the NewBright client files I can give you so you can look them over this weekend.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

Cady acted casual. As if it were just another workday. And just another guy was sitting on the seat next to her.

Just another guy trying to avoid the truth about being a werewolf.


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