Werewolves in Minneapolis…

smbossYou still with me? Keep reading!


“Doesn’t the idea of me being a werewolf freak you out?” Blaise asked as he stood in her living room.

He’d decided to stop by Cady’s apartment the next morning. For reasons beyond his rationale, he’d agreed to meet the so-called werewolf.

“Should it freak me?” Dressed in a slim red skirt, a white top and some gladiator sandals that drew his eye to her long limbs, Cady moved around her living room to gather up her phone, sunglasses and purse and headed over to him.

Blaise had once wondered if her thick black lashes were fake. They were not. He’d stared at them so many times he knew they were real. And her eyes were the color of blue icebergs. Add to that her bright red lips and the fact that she always smelled like candy and it made a man want to lick, and taste, and…

“Uh…” He shook himself out of the fantasy of licking her right there, between her ample breasts. “It freaks me out, Cady.”

She leaned in and winked. “I’ve always preferred werewolf movies over vampire ones. Are you ready?”

Wanting to pull her close and hold her tightly—because that’s what he needed right now, someone to reassure him things were going to be all right—Blaise merely nodded.

And in the next moment, his wish came true.

Cady lunged in for a hug and tucked her head against his shoulder. She held him for the longest time.

And he wrapped his arms around her because he didn’t want to fall off the ride. It had turned into a wild one. But with her at his side he might arrive safely.

“I needed that,” he said.
“I thought so. Now, let’s go. I can’t wait to meet the werewolf! Oh.” She flipped him another wink. “Or another one, that is.”


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