The Boss’s Moonlight Secret — Chapter 7

smbossHere’s more! Are you enjoying the story? Let me know!


It was raining in sheets, so when Blaise offered Cady a ride home she gladly accepted. She lived in the Mill City district overlooking the Mississippi River.

Inside the car was the first time he’d actually put himself anywhere near her all day. He must be going crazy with what she’d revealed to him, so she understood his reticence. But she couldn’t handle the silent act any longer.

“We’ve become close,” she tossed out. “You can trust me, Blaise. You know that.”

He cast her a glance, but then his attention returned to driving.

“Talk to me,” she said.

“What can I say?”

“Do you believe that what I saw is really you?”

“I…trust you, Cady. And…maybe.” His grip tightened on the steering wheel. “But how could I forget something like changing into a werewolf? That’s crazy. And shouldn’t I do…wolf things? How can I have forgotten only that part of me?”

“The doctor said your kind of amnesia was selective, but that you may eventually regain all your knowledge. Do you want me to do some research on werewolves?”

“Cady, I don’t—”
“Because I already did.” Knowing he’d put the brakes on that request, she’d taken it upon herself and spent the afternoon searching online.

Blaise pulled up before her building.

“It’s mostly fiction stuff online,” she said. “But I remembered this guy I knew in high school. He was into the woo-woo stuff. He’s now a cryptozoologist.”

“I contacted him.”


She met his gaze in the shadows of the car and shrugged. “He knows a real werewolf,” she offered. “Lives up in Oak Grove. I called him. You’ve got an appointment with him tomorrow to talk to him.”


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