Another free werewolf for you…

hwhOkay, so there’s the free online read THE BOSS’S MOONLIGHT SECRET that you can enjoy all month. Do you want another free full-length werewolf story? How about HER WEREWOLF HERO? Harlequin is giving it away for free during their Try Harlequin promotion. Follow this link, and sign up, then you can download one of 17 book options (but you want my werewolf story, right?).


Fortunately, Blaise had a meeting this afternoon. An excuse to walk out on Cady and her strange accusation. A werewolf? What was that woman on?

He drove to work. Cady, in her SmartCar, followed close in his wake. She would drive home, then walk to work as she did every day because she lived five blocks away. Thankful to arrive first, Blaise beelined to his office and closed his door so he could think in private.

How could she be so callous? To tease and make fun of something he didn’t understand? Granted, he’d give her credit for making up a fantastic story about his winding up naked on the mornings following…

“The full moon?”

Last night, and the night before, the moon had been full and round. And the night of the previous month’s blackout? He checked the calendar on his phone. Another full moon. “What the hell?”

Could he be? How could a man forget about being a werewolf? It was impossible. Ridiculous. Utterly inconceivable.

Though he had noticed a deep, bleeding scratch on his arm this morning. It had hurt so much he believed it was what had woken him on the neighbor’s lawn. Yet when he’d showered…

Blaise quickly shrugged out of his suit jacket and unbuttoned the shirt. He slid down the shoulder on his right side and…

“Where is it?” There was no sign of the scratch on his arm.

A knock at his door prompted him to frantically button up his shirt. “Not now!”

Silence. But he could feel her standing out there, palm pressed to the door. It wasn’t a guess. He actually felt her presence. As if he were an animal who could sniff out its prey.

Blaise smacked his forehead against his palm. Really?

“When you’re ready to talk,” Cady said, “I’m here. I canceled your afternoon. You’re free for the rest of the day.”

He appreciated that.

Now, how to get through this day? Because the moment he opened that door, he’d have to face Cady.

And he doubted she was going to let this one go.


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