All werewolves; all month

smbossStill with me on this story? If you want, you can stop in once a week and read seven chapters at a time, or wait until the end and scroll through. However you want to read it, it’s up to you! Tune in tomorrow for info on how to obtain HER WEREWOLF HERO for free! (I did say there would be lots of free werewolves this month.)


Blaise wandered into the house, spied Cady asleep on the sofa, and slipped into the bathroom to shower then dress. He would wash the towel he’d stolen from the neighbor’s laundry line and discreetly return it.

When he returned to the living room, roasted coffee beans overwhelmed his senses. Cady could not function without her java.

“Tell me.” He sat at the breakfast counter before a steaming mug. He was in no mood this morning for the casual flirtations they often shared. “I’m a sleepwalker, right? I knew it.”

“Seriously?” Cady downed a good swallow, then set her cup next to the Glam Doll doughnuts she’d brought for breakfast. His favorite was the Daddy Dearest; it had a glaze made from the locally-brewed Surly beer and bacon crumbs sprinkled over the top. “You’re going with sleepwalking? How can you not know what you are? Did you know before the accident? I thought I knew everything about you. But this!”

He wasn’t sure what she was pattering on about, but her tone rose to the verge of panic.

“Cady.” He clasped her hand. That always brought her down from orbit. She calmed, meeting his gaze with those pretty blues that he had grown to depend on seeing every morning at work. “Did you follow me last night?”

She shook her head.

“Why not? I asked you to. Oh, right. Sorry. I always seem to lose my clothes. Did you, uh…see me naked?”

“Of course I did.”

He quirked a brow at her enthusiastic reply.

“Seriously, Blaise? Let’s get one thing straight. If you’re ever near me, and naked? I’m never going to not look. Okay?”

“Fair enough.” He felt the same about her. Not that he’d been that lucky. Yet. “So…how did I get naked? Please tell me I’m not doing anything weird or—”
“Blaise.” She swung around the counter and put her hands on his shoulders. Her serious look always made him wonder if he’d missed a meeting. “I saw you change.”


“You…shifted. And you tore off your clothes while it was happening.”

“Cady, I…” Apparently, she hadn’t had enough coffee. The woman was talking nonsense.

“Blaise, you’re a werewolf.”


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