The Boss’s Moonlight Secret Chapter 4


At midnight, Cady followed Blaise out of his house. She paused, hugging against the back of the house, while he wandered with determination through a copse of sugar maples. He lived in a densely forested area at the edge of the city. His closest neighbors were a few miles away.

Thinking she should have worn hiking boots instead of her flats, she was thankful for the moonlight and that she’d had the forethought to pull on a sweater over her thin T-shirt. Yet the fall weather was unseasonably warm, especially when—if you blinked—October could bring snow.

When she thought to take off after him, she paused. Because Blaise stopped before a fallen oak log and…howled.

His head whipped back violently. His limbs snapped and flinched, and—it looked as though he were being attacked from the inside out. Was he having a seizure? She should call 911.

Tugging her cell phone out from her jeans pocket, she couldn’t take her eyes off the man’s mysterious contortions. She dropped the phone and slapped both palms over her mouth when he began to change. A scream felt necessary, yet for some reason she didn’t voice it.

She knew what was happening to him. Because it was so crazy, it could be the only explanation. Rationally, she’d just jumped into the loony bin. But fantastically?

“I guess I don’t know everything about him after all.”


Tune in tomorrow…


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