The Boss’s Moonlight Secret — Chapter 3

smbossAnd the story continues…


“You’re always telling me you know me better than I know myself,” Blaise said as they strolled into the living room.

Cady had let herself in after she’d knocked and Blaise had called for her to enter; she had a key to her boss’s house. As his personal assistant she’d had many occasions to run his errands. There were times she considered herself the Wife He Didn’t Know He Needed. She loved keeping things in order, especially other people’s lives.

“We’ll see if that’s true tonight,” he said. “I made up the sofa for you. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all.” She looked up from her cell phone—and gaped at the man standing before her.


“I’ve never seen you in anything but a suit.” He wore only sweatpants. The gray fabric hung low on his hips to reveal incredibly tight abs and cut muscles she’d only previously imagined. “You’re so freakin’ hot,” she said on a gasp. “I mean sexy. No! I mean, you’re—”

Ah heck, what had she just said? To her boss!

“I sleep in sweats,” he offered, not seeming to notice her discomfort. Or her blush. And yet… “I get it, Cady.” He winked at her. “You and I. There’s something between us. Am I right?”

“Yes,” she said with as much relief as uncertainty. They flirted all the time over spreadsheets and late-afternoon lunches in the Skyway, but this was the first time he’d admitted he was aware of how she felt toward him.

“So keep an eye on me, will you?” He wandered back toward the bedroom. “I’m exhausted after whatever I did last night. If I sleepwalk, follow me!”

“Sure.” Cady pumped a fist in the air. He liked her. He really liked her.


What will Cady discover? Come back tomorrow to find out!


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