Chapter 2

smbossThank you for returning to continue reading this fun short story!


“I need your help, Cady.”

Cadence Cooper set her boss’s iPad on his desk. She’d connected it to recharge. He never remembered stuff like that. The coffee she’d bought him at Caribou—an hour ago—would need rewarming, so she grabbed that as he approached her.

“Sure,” she said, “but shouldn’t you be at your cabin?”


“You forgot you own a cabin? I’ll tell you about it after you tell me what’s up?”

He grabbed her by the upper arms. It’s what he did when he needed to know she was hearing him. But this time the hold felt different. Tense. He was different today. He hadn’t shaved. The man swore when he noticed stubble. And his tie was not as neat and tight as usual.

“There’s something wrong with me. Ever since the accident.”

“It’s the amnesia. But you’ve been doing well,” she encouraged. “You seem to recall everything related to work. You shouldn’t worry that you forgot about the cabin. You only go there once a month.”

“Cady, this morning I woke up in a stranger’s yard. Naked.”

She opened her mouth to reply, but couldn’t find a response other than the tiny smirk that tilted up her lips.

“That’s the third time it’s happened in two months. I need you to come home with me tonight.”

How many times had she wanted to hear such an invite from the boss she’d lusted after for a year?

“I want you to watch me,” he said. “See what I do. It seems to happen after I’ve gone to sleep. I must be sleepwalking. But why?”

Pushing his fingers through his hair in a move that always made her heart flip-flop, he spun to look out the window in the tiny, yet elite, corner office that overlooked the Hennepin County Courthouse.

She’d never seen him so…undone. And it troubled her as much as it did him.

“Tonight? I’ll be there,” she said with more enthusiasm than she probably should have.


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