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Hey! So you may already receive my sporadic newsletter; you may not. Recently, I’ve decided to cull the list so it focuses on those readers who truly want to receive news from me. Last year I participated in a group author party that required readers to sign up for our various newsletters. I realize not everyone may have been a Michele Hauf fan and only signed up to be entered for a prize. It doesn’t pay for me to include those who are uninterested in future mailings. (It cost $50 a month to send to a list over 2000 people!) So I’m starting again from scratch.

If you’re a fan of my stories, I do hope you’ll sign up to receive the newsletter. If you already receive it, please sign up again. That old newsletter list will be tossed at the end of this month, so if you don’t re-sign up, you won’t hear from me again. It’s quick and easy. All it requires is your email address. I hope you’ll take a few seconds to do this!

And as an incentive to my readers, the first newsletter I send out to this new list in August will include a free novella.

Subscribe by entering your email in the popup on this page!

If the popup doesn’t work, simply click here to go to the signup page.




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