Captivating The Witch


Is now available! So let me tell you a bit about this story. First, this is not my title. Sometimes when authors hand in books, Marketing suggests a title change because they believe it will enhance sales. This happens often, and I generally don’t get upset about it, but this time around? I still have to call this book as it was titled when I was writing it— BEWITCHED. That’s the title. It explains the story perfectly. Feel free to scribble out that other title on your copy and write over it with a Sharpie “Bewitched”. (And if you do, send me a pic!)

Anyway, title aside, I love this story. I finally got to write more about Ed. Or as you may know him from previous stories, Edamite Thrash. I know, what a weird name for a hero, right? But he started out as a villain and that’s a pretty good name for a villain. Sometimes I don’t think far enough ahead when naming characters, but this time it worked out swell because “Ed” is hero stuff. So Ed is a raven-shifting demon who has a half-brother and sister who are werewolves. (Although, his sister, Blyss isn’t aware he’s her brother. Long story. Read about it in Moonlight & Diamonds, or even Enchanted By The Wolf). Ed’s cool, just trying to keep the city of Paris relatively demon quiet, and he also has a healthy fear of witches.

Enter the heroine, Tamatha Bellerose. Witch. She is studying diabology and is fascinated by demons. The coolest thing would be to find a demon she could study up close and personal.

So how do you think that will all come together?

Here’s the back cover blurb:

Everything Witch makes him wary. 

Everything Demon captivates her. 

Edamite Thrash is a big, bad, sexy demon overlord with a personal grudge against witches. When fate and a wild, undeniable attraction bind him to Tamatha Bellerose, he must learn how to work as a team to stop a campaign of violence against his kind. But not succumbing to her sensual spell proves infinitely more difficult.

Tamatha is enchanted by all things demon, especially the potent demon boss and his dark past. Now, with evil and a centuries-old curse surrounding them, Tamatha’s only hope is that love—and her unpredictable magic—will be strong enough to save them…

You can buy this book in a ‘double-book’ format (packaged with Enchanted By The Wolf) in most book stores. In January you can buy it in digital or single-title paperback format at your favorite online retailer. Here’s to starting the New Year with some sexy witchy magic!




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