To Kiss A Mermaid

To-Kiss-A-Mermaid-KindleNow Available at Amazon and within a day at Barnes & Noble. You can get it in paperback at Amazon, and digital at both places.  I really do love this story. It is my faery tale. Set in 19th century Wales, the blue moon is a catalyst for a magical adventure between a seaman and a mermaid…

By the light of the blue moon, kind-hearted and capable James Morgan pulls up something fantastical in his fishing nets, something he has pined for most of his life. Despite living a simple life, the seaman has yearned for a mermaid ever since he heard of the legend as a child and learned of his family’s connection to the sea. Haunted by all that he’s lost, and consumed by his desires, James struggles between answering the call of his heart and doing the right thing. Is it possible for a man who walks the earth and a woman fated to swim the sea to be happy together? After all, what the sea gives, the sea can take away, and destiny may not be enough to ensure happiness.


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