The Unforgiven: Athos….will be available in less than a week!

Yep! I’m so excited about this book because I LOVE writing historical romance. But even more? I love me some musketeers. My favorite? Athos. So of course this first book had to be his story. I place my story 7 years after the beginning of Alexander Dumas’ The Three Musketeers, so you can see what Athos has been up do and how his life is going after Milady. He’s doing well. Maybe.

I still don’t have cover art! Fingers crossed that shows up in a day or two. Because that would be nice to have for a book, yes? I will post it as soon as I get it.

Here’s the official blurb:

Musketeer Arnaud de Sillègue d’Athos is ready to bid adieu to the King’s Guard and to lay down his sword. Yet he’s been charged with one final mission—to apprehend a dangerous enemy of the king, the Belle Dame Sans Merci. Despite his desire to apprehend a woman who causes such destruction, Athos refuses…until he sees a sketch of her. It’s the same villainess with whom he had been locked in a passionate, sensual moment.
Emmanuelle Vazet never gives up control, even if briefly, in the arms of a blue­eyed stranger, she felt the need to give in and let desire take over. But now circumstances have placed her at the scene of a murder. Her reputation—and the ridiculous name—has preceded her, even if she is innocent. Now her nameless lover is the enemy. A royalist. A musketeer who could be her undoing…unless she becomes his undoing first.

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